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Easy-to-Make Clay Flowerpot People, Bring Life to Your Garden

When it comes to adding a touch of charm, character and genuine good humor to your garden, nothing ticks all the right boxes quite like these amazing DIY flowerpot men! Bring your outdoor living spaces to life and be the envy of your neighbors in just a few simple steps and with a few basic tools – you won’t’ believe how simple these incredible results can be!


Put together a single Flowerpot Man to stand as a centerpiece for the whole garden, or perhaps create a whole family in a variety of different shapes, sizes and finishes! You can use the plant of your choosing to serve as the little guy’s hair, get creative as you like with the paints and feel free to use as many decorative accents as you like!

One thing’s for sure – there’s really no such thing as going OTT where these amazing garden ornaments are concerned!

Fab for Friends, Great as Gifts

Chances are that once your friends and family lay eyes on these, they’ll all be asking you to whip up  a few for their own gardens. Luckily, DIY Flowerpot Men are not only easy to make, but extremely affordable thanks to a pretty basic list of supplies!

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-clay-pot-flower-people

You’ll need:

  • 27 Flower Pots With Different Diameters: A Dozen 6-Inch – For The Arms; A Dozen 8-Inch – For The Legs; A Couple Of 12-Inch – For The Body; And One 10-Inch – For The Head
  • 12 Pieces Of 3-Inch Thick Styrofoam
  • Strong Wire
  • Wire Cutters

That’s really all there is to it – check out the free instructional guides you can access through this page and get ready to bring your garden an amazing transformation!

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