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How to Make a Terra Cotta Clay Pots Lighthouse

How to bring your garden to life without spending a fortune on expensive decorative accessories? Well, how about putting together this simply outstanding DIY clay pot lighthouse – a project that’s not only affordable and easy, but so much more fun than buying a bog-standard garden ornament!

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Clay pots serve a million and one purposes in the garden, but we have to say that this is one of our favorites by far! It’s so easy, affordable and enjoyable that you can get the kids to give you a hand, or perhaps have a group of friends chip in for an even faster result! This classic red and white lighthouse design is universally suitable for any outdoor living space and cannot fail to brighten up your garden.

Whether used as a simple decorative accent or made into a striking bird-feeder to be proud of, it’s one addition to the garden you’ll be more than happy you made!

Simple Yet Striking

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden terra cotta pots lighthouse(Yellow lighthouse via Flickr, red and blue one on the side from Thrifty Fun – just like the second video below)

Along with the link to the simple tutorial you’ll find below, all you’ll need to make one of these marvels for yourself is a small list of supplies including:

  • Four 1/4, 6 inch Clay saucers
  • Four 1/4, 6, 8 1/4 Clay pots
  • Adhesive for ceramics and terracotta

Once the pots are joined together, it’s up to you how classic or creative you decide to go with the colors of your choosing. From reds to blues to blacks to green to whites and so many more, pretty much anything goes when it comes to creating something that’s 100% unique to your garden alone!

Terra Cotta Pots Lighthouse [Video Tutorials]

YouTube video
YouTube video

What’s more, you’ll also find that these lighthouses make amazing gifts for any occasion – anyone with a garden would be more than lucky to receive one!

And while you’re at playing wit Terra Cotta

Here’s an amazing clay pot flower people project to add even more life to your garden.
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