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Mini Fairy Garden Ideas For Your Broken Pots

The number of garden pots that get thrown away each and every day is impossible to estimate, but suffice to say millions of the things are going to waste all the time. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this amazing little idea, which in a few simple steps can transform your old and broken pots into an amazingly enchanting fairy garden!

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It’s just a case of getting a little bit creative with what you have and realizing that just because something’s broken, this doesn’t mean it’s of no use or value. Quite to the contrary in fact – just take a look at the works of art these guys have come up with and you’ll see why we’re so excited about this project!

Mini Fairy Gardens: Fabulous Fantasy

With a little help from the kids, shrink yourself down to a much tinier size and spend a few minutes thinking like a fairy. What kind of mini-garden and pretty little features would you most like? Maybe a tiny house? A landscaped garden with a small staircase?

Really anything you can think of is possible and guaranteed to make a more fitting use for your broken pots than just throwing them in the trash!

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Perhaps the best thing of all about this project is the way in which each and even broken plant pot is highly unique, which also means that the results you’ll be coming up with will be unique every time! There may be other mini fairy gardens in the world, but you’ll never find one that’s exactly the same as yours – pure magic! [More mini garden ideas from Topbuy]

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Alternatively, build a Clay Pot flower person for your garden