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DIY Bobby Pins for Adorable Hair

Big hair bows and fancy DIY hair clips are a lot of fun when it comes to unique hairstyles, but sometimes you need a smaller, more subtle accessory that still shows a bit of personality. This is where customized bobby pins are perfect!

Check out these 15 DIY bobby pin ideas for instant adorable hair.

1. Gold chain bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYGold chain bobby pins

Trinkets in Bloom suggests using bobby pins that are wider and flatter than the classic black kind and jazzing them up with a small length of gold chain. Make sure the chain is bulky enough to show among your tendrils!

2. Mermaid pearl bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYMermaid pearl bobby pins

Lollipuff shows you how to weave a pretty white pearl of any size around the looping end of a bobby pin so that it rests against your hair like a dew drop on a flower.

3. Button bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYButton bobby pins

These cute little buttoned bobby pins are the perfect way to spice up your look and make use of all those random spare buttons you’ve collected from buying new clothing over the years. Check out how Christina Homemaker made these ones.

4. Sparkly star and heart bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkly star and heart bobby pins DIY

The Beauty Department guides you through the process of creating a little sparkly applique out of glue and loose glitter. Fixing it to the end of a bobby pin lets you add just a touch of shine to your style.

5. Large twinkling star bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYLarge twinkling star bobby pins

Do you like the sparkling star idea but want something just a little more eye-catching? Try this larger start design by Sprinkles in Spring instead!

6. Clay geometric bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYClay geometric bobby pins

Hello Whimsy reminds you how useful polymer clay can be in just about any area of DIY. Create little geometric “gemstone” shapes and stick them to the looping end!

7. Polish painted bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYPolish painted bobby pins

Using nail polish to add some colour to flat bobby pins works a lot better than paint because it’s more like a lacquer and far less likely to chip. Check out how Making it Lovely made these ones.

8. Material flower Anthropologie recreation bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYMaterial flower Anthropologie recreation bobby pins

Little Miss Momma shows you how sticking silk, material, and rhinestoned flowers to the end of a bobby pin can mimic ones sold by designer brands like Anthropologie.

9. Material rosebud bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYMaterial rosebud bobby pins

If you like the idea of material flowers but you’d rather a smaller style than the opened ones above, try wrapping some little rosebuds like these ones from Here’s to Handy Andy.

10. Bobby pin hair bows

VIEW IN GALLERYBobby pin hair bows

Hello There Handmade shows you how easy it is to stitch a tiny bow and slide a simple bobby pin through the band. You’ll be surprised how easy these are to make and how well they stay on!

11. Gemstone bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYGemstone bobby pins

Tell, Love, and Party shows you the perfect way to use loose gems from broken jewelry or the awesomely coloured rhinestones you saw at the craft store and just couldn’t pass up. They’ll look adorable nestled into a bun or braid.

12. Tiny bow bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny bow bobby pins

Do you like the idea of a bow in your hair but wish for something a little more subtle than the whole size of the pin? Check out these mini version by Syafa Saurus.

13. Scrapbook embellishment bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYScrapbook embellishment bobby pins

The Frugal Homemaker suggests using 3D scrapbooking embellishments to jazz up a set of simple bobby pins in a small, simple way.

14. Friendship bracelet bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYFriendship bracelet bobby pins DIY ideas

Have you ever made friendship bracelets by knotting colourful embroidery floss? Goldfish Kiss shows you how to use that same technique to embellish bobby pins that will look adorable in your hair on the beach this summer.

15. Antrhopologie-inspired material bobby pins

VIEW IN GALLERYAntrhopologie-inspired material bobby pins

Bigger bobby pins with a flat surface look extra cute covered in colourful or patterned material. Check out how Keep Heart made these ones!

Have you made yourself other customized bobby pins that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you made them in the comments section!