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Fantastic DIY Lip Scrubs to Keep You Smooth This Summer

So, what’s our favourite end of summer homemade beauty product, you ask? We’ve found ourselves obsessed with lip scrubs lately because they help us exfoliate after being in the summer (but always while wearing SPF) and we think that keeps our lips smoother and healthier feeling as we move into fall and the weather starts getting chillier and drying out a little.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making your own summer scented lip scrubs as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best DIY and homemade recipes that we’ve come across so far!

1. DIY honey lip scrub


Are your favourite scents and flavours always something light, subtle, and sweet smelling or tasting? Then we have a feeling you’ll adore this DIY honey lip scrub because it gives you all of those things in one place! It’s also naturally made, so it’s actually edible (even though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend purposely eating globs of honey soaked sugar on a regular basis). See how it’s made in more detail on Whole New Mom.

2. Homemade sugar and olive oil lip scrub


Are you actually looking for something even simpler than what you see here, preferring products (whether store bought or homemade) that are as scent free as possible while always still having a pleasant smell? In that case, we feel like this fantastically gentle and very mild sugar and olive oil lip scrub might be a better choice for you. Get the full recipe list and mixing instructions on Pretty Gossip.

3. Brown sugar lip scrub


Have you actually always preferred brown sugar to regular white granulated sugar in basically all instances, right down to the scent, taste, and texture? We can understand that! Cooking and baking, however, aren’t actually the only places where you can choose brown sugar as your preference. Rosy Chicc also guides you through the process of making a lip scrub that it’s it take centre stage.

4. Rose infused lip scrub


Are you still thinking about how nice the idea of a subtle, pleasant smelling lip scrub sounds but rather than just choosing a sweet scent like honey, you’d rather go for something light and floral instead, since it is still summer? In that case, we have a feeling this lovely rose-infused lip scrub outlined step by step on Scratch Mommy might actually be a little more up your alley! Besides the great smell, we love the bright green colour too.

5. Bubblegum lip scrub


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a homemade lip scrub from scratch, would you rather get a little silly and fun with it and mimic one of the novelty flavours that a lot of brands make and sell in stores, even though yours will still be DIY and full of more natural ingredients? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how One Crazy House made this fantastic bubblegum scented sugar based lip scrub that smells absolutely grand (and also tastes just as good).

6. Vanilla mint lip scrub


Perhaps you’re scrolling through our list so far and thinking about how you’re still very into the sweeter smelling scents when it comes to making your own lip scrub, but you can’t help wondering whether there’s a way to make your sugary creation somehow refreshing as well? Then we have a feeling we’ve finally found the ideal homemade lip scrub recipe for you! Take a look at how Sparkle of Sunshine made this mixture that smells of vanilla and mint. We love mint based scrubs because they clear our sinuses a little while we exfoliate our lips.

7. lemon drop lip scrub


Are you very intrigued indeed by the idea of a very refreshing scented lip scrub that will exfoliate your lips and help make you feel cleared in the sinuses and more energetic overall, but you’ve simply never liked the strong smell of mint? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how A Pumpkin and A Princess created this super zesty lemon drop lip scrub that we actually made in real life and just can’t get enough of now.

8. French toast lip scrub


Have the recipes that peaked your interest most on our list so far definitely been the ones that are sweet but have a bit of a flavourful, novelty twist to them, rather than just smelling like brown sugar or honey? Well, if you’ve ever been a big fan of baked goods or sweet breakfast foods, then we have a feeling this fantastic French toast flavoured lip scrub recipe featured step by step on Live Simply might be right up your alley!

9. Sugar cookie lip scrub


Did we almost have your attention held completely when we started talking about sweet smelling recipes that weren’t just sugar and honey and you very much enjoyed the idea of making one that smells like one of your favourite foods, but you’re just not sure that French toast is quite the scent you were looking for? Well, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and have always been a huge cookie fan just like us, then we think perhaps you’ll get along a little better with this delicious sugar cookie scented recipe featured on Wellness Mama! We promised you it tastes just as great as it smells.

10. Popcorn lip scrub


Have we got you totally enamoured now with the idea of scented lip scrubs that taste and smell like your favourite foods but you’d prefer something that as a bit more of a savoury element to it? Well, sweet and salty things are actually usually our favourite snacks, scents, and so on too, so we can’t say we blame you. That’s why we were so happy to come across this fantastic popcorn flavoured lip scrub featured on Butter & BS!

11. DIY salted choco lip scrub


Just in case you’re completely in love with sweet and salty flavours but you’ve never actually really loved the smell of popcorn? Then here’s an absolutely scrumptious smelling alternative for you! We love the way Heart, Bows, & Makeup combined natural ingredients to create a scent and flavour just like your favourite salted chocolate fudge, brownie, or candy bar. We’ll admit that we’ve actually made this one several times and it’s so good we have to remember not to take a big bite out of the pot each time.

12. Pineapple lip scrub


Have you actually been scrolling through list hoping to find something even more summery and refreshing than what we’ve already shown you? Then maybe a fruit flavoured homemade lip scrub would be a better choice for you! One of our favourite ripe fruits to enjoy in the summer is pineapple, so it only makes sense that we were basically ecstatic when we came across this fantastically fresh pineapple lip scrub recipe outlined step by step on Reedblack Illustrator.

13. Honey coconut lip scrub


Now, we’ve talked a lot about honey based lip scrubs because they’re such a classic, but we’ve only actually shown you one so far. So what if you’re still finding yourself thinking about that even though you’re also scrolling our list in search of the fruity scrub recipes you thought you might like originally? Well, who says you can’t combine the two and have everything you want in a lip scrub at once? Then we think you, like us, might get a huge kick out of the way Thanksgiving created a honey coconut lip scrub that both smells and tastes heavenly.

14. Homemade lemon raspberry lip scrub


What if you’re intent on a summery, fruit driven scent and taste for your lip scrub but there are just so many you’d like to try that you’ve decided maybe it would be better to combine a couple of them to make an even more delicious flavour instead? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Midwest Modern Mama created a lip scrub that both smells and tastes just like raspberries and lemons wonderfully mixed together.

15.Pumpkin spice latte lip scrub


Okay, we know we originally told you that we’d make this post all about summer scented and flavoured lip scrubs, but we also understand that you might be looking now with the intention of bookmarking things for later, so we figured we’d might as well throw this delicious fall classic on at the end anyways. Having more flavour options, even if they’re not seasonal, never hurts, right? If you’re a huge pumpkin spice latte fan who waits around each year for autumn to roll around so you can have your favourite thing again, them this one’s for you. Get the full details for making it happen on Ex-Sloth.