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Artistic Brilliance: 15 Creative Wooden Etching Concepts

When you think of the concept of “wood working”, you probably think of carpentry. Even as a DIY enthusiast, you might not have the skills it takes to work high powered saws and other tools in order to build things from wood. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use wood to create art! Pyrography, or the art of wood burning or etching, is a gorgeous skill that takes great care and practice, but is slightly easier to manage for most of us. The final product is simply stunning!

Check out these 15 wood etching inspirations that will have you itching to try it out yourself by the end of the post.

1.Wood burnt vines

VIEW IN GALLERYWood burnt vines

Walnut Hollow Crafts suggests starting simply if this is your first shot at wood etching or pyrography. Find a simple wooden slab (or an old cutting board will work well) and try creating a series of gorgeously curving vines and leaves with your wood burning tool. Try alternating your pressure on the wood to get light and dark or thick and thin effects in different places in order to make the vines look more detailed.

2. Monogrammed cutting board

VIEW IN GALLERYMonogrammed cutting board

Do you really like the sounds of wood etching a cutting board? Well, we love this monogrammed cutting board pattern by Ruffled! Besides the initials you’ve decided to include, try your hand at creating a consistent pattern, like these honeycomb style hexagons.

3. Etched wooden spoons

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched wooden spoons

Once you’re more comfortable working with your wood burning or etching tool, it might be time to practice something a little more detailed, or in a smaller area. We absolutely adore these finely detailed wooden spoons by Design Mom that have been etched with small patterns, shapes, hearts, and so on. The options for decorating them are all up to your imagination!

4. Nature themed chopping board

VIEW IN GALLERYNature themed chopping board

Are you trying to establish a rustic, more natural decor aesthetic in your kitchen without doing a dramatic renovation? This can be easy to do through small decor details if you’re consistent. Try adding a little to the scheme by etching these little natural drawings into your cutting board or other wooden kitchen supply, just like DIY With Love did.

5. Intricate pyrography turn table

VIEW IN GALLERYIntricate wood burning turn table

Perhaps you’re an artist in other mediums, like painting or drawing, and you’re looking to expand the tools and materials you use to express yourself? Try something like this gorgeously intricate pattern etched onto a wooden turn table featured on Lowes! People will hardly believe that you etched that into the wood yourself.

6. Etched birch ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched birch ornaments

Design Mom shows you how to cut small circular branch sections, punch a ribbon hole in them to make ornaments, and etch them with adorable little Christmas drawings before you hang them on the tree. These make great DIY gifts for friends and family.

7. Etched birch coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched birch coasters

DIY Network reminds you how every little detail in a room contributes to building an overall decor scheme. Even your drink coasters can help you establish a rustic aesthetic, so why not try something like these wooden branch coasters etched with a simple chevron design?

8. Stencilled wood burning


Once you’re confident in your abilities to make shapes and letters the way you want them to appear, try creating an artistic wall decor piece lie this one by Walnut Hollow! A simple, cleanly cut piece of light wood makes the best background for your etching to stand out against. Create whatever picture or quote you please!

9. Etched tree coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched tree coasters

Do you feel like you’re ready to try an etching pattern that’s still simple but slightly more detailed? These trees are more realistic and thinly lined than some of the others you’ve seen on this list so far, and coasters are a relatively small canvas to work with. Check out how these ones were made on Forage Workshop!

10. Wooden toy box label

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden toy box label

Whether you decide to use them for organizational purposes at home or as gift tags for your friends and family at Christmas, these little etched wooden tags are great practice with your wood burning tool, but also awesome and diverse little crafts! Take a look at how they’re made on Natalme.

11. Etched necklace charms

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched necklace charms

Do you love both wooden jewelry and customizing things to your hobbies and passions? This etching design idea from Natalme is the perfect way to amalgamate those two things! Find or cut two small, medallion sized branch pieces for necklace charms and etch whatever you please onto them. Consider small drawings, meaningful words, and so on.

12. Etched wooden bangles

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched wooden bangles

Do you own some light wooden jewelry that you’ve decided is too plain and that you’d wear much more often if it was a little more interesting looking? Alisa Burke suggests pyrography for solving that issue! We absolutely adore these simply decorated wooden bangles and their newly etched design.

13. Etched popsicle stick playing cards

VIEW IN GALLERYetched popsicle stick playing cards

Classic playing cards aren’t exactly hard to come by, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little, especially if you’re on, for example, a family cottage trip where lots of card games will be played! Make yourself a sturdier set of “cards” by etching the suits and numbers into the ends of large, thick popsicle sticks, just like this tutorial on Instructables. These will hold up a little better during a particularly enthusiastic game of Spoons!

14. Etched recipe box

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched recipe box

Have you been keeping old family recipes or new favourites that you’ve found over the years in a plain wooden box? Well, now that you’ve learned pyrography, maybe it’s time to fancy that box up and make sure everyone knows that’s where they’ll find all your baking and cooking secrets! Check out this adorable recipe box design on Walnut Hollow and think about how you’d make your own look!

15. Etched picture frame

VIEW IN GALLERYEtched picture frame

You might have the wood working skills to actually make yourself a wooden picture frame, but even if you don’t, you can buy a plain wood frame for an affordable price. Customize it using your wood burning tool to suit the picture you plan to put inside. For example, we love this cute DIY country themed frame by Hative!