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Recycling Jeans Into Cute and Quirky Planters

If you’ve been looking for a quaint and quirky way to make use of those old jeans you just can’t wear any longer, we’ve come across a few brilliant projects but this is by far one of the best! After all, when was the last time you saw jeans made into fully functional planters for the garden?

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As you probably know we’re all about creativity – something we’ve never seen before is always going to be something we fall in love with! That’s why when we found these planters we just had to share them with you – what better way of putting old jeans to new use around the home? Practical, unusual and fantastic for creating that wonderful whimsical feel that can really bring a garden to life, chances are you’ll never look at a pair of jeans the same again after putting together a few of these babies!

Jeans Planters For a Glorious Garden

Here is a link to the full tutorial that will show you how to put these planters together with just an old pair of jeans and few household basics. The more pairs of jeans you have to spare, the better – why not do like the guys did here and create a whole row of planters?

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VIEW IN GALLERYrecycling jeans planter

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You also don’t have to stick with only blue jeans either, as other colors like black, brown and even red can make fantastic alternatives. You can rest assured that when your friends and neighbors first lay eyes on these things, they won’t know what to make of them! But you can be sure that upon close inspection, they’ll want one of their own!


Another great idea is this for the garden, is this beautiful hand planter. Fill them with succulents or flowers and watch for those head turns.

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