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Wonderful DIY Lovely Candy Shaped Gift Box

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If you need a cute concept to wrap a gift or some sweet treats then this candy shaped gift box is well worth attempting. It’s perfect for party or wedding favour and easy to learn how to make one .

What you may need:

    • Colored card stock;
    • Pencil;
    • Ruler;
    • Double-sided tape;
    • Office knife;
    • Scissors;
    • Patterned paper for decoration;
    • Ribbon;
    • Candies and other small gifts.

Directions : To make this candy shaped gift box you have to minimize a 21.5 cm x 22 cm piece of card stock. Then score it in the way proven and cut diamond shapes in it. Soon after that fold along the creases and paste paper to its middle element. After that apply double tape to its one particular finish and give it a shape of a candy. Tie 1 end with ribbon and following filling the gift tie the other end also.

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