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Wonderful DIY Elegant Evening Hairstyle

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This is a beautiful and elegant hairstyle for holidays and special events that will impress everyone. An important detail for a great look is a healthy and shiny hair, so always be aware of this in order to enhance your appearance in general.

What you will need:
– hair sponge;
– bobby pins;
– pearl clips (optional).

1. This hairstyle looks best on long hair and the first step to create it is to divide the hair in 5 sections.
2. Then take a hair sponge (picture 3) and cover it as you can see in the pictures. Follow them through the process.
3. Make some rolls and twists from the hair from the middle of your forehead and fix them with pins. After this you will start to roll the hair from your sides and fix again.
4. At the end you can add some pearl clips for a more romantic look. Just insert them randomly through the curls and the hairstyle is ready!VIEW IN GALLERYelegant Evening-Hairstyle-Tutorial2