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8 Vintage Crafts for Your Home Décor

Vintage and shabby chic pieces of furniture look amazing thanks to their distressed finish and often the family heritage and memories that they seem to bring along with them. But those who don’t have the luxury of having furniture that has been handed down over time can still recreate the magic by crafting decor that looks vintage and elegant. And our roundup of DIY vintage home decor crafts will help you get started in the right direction!

1. Embellished Mason Jar

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbellished Mason Jar

Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be used for just about anything. If you have mason jars hanging around your house, why not put them to good use and create something truly different with them. Check out what Making Home Base has done with their mason jars!

2. Doily Place Mat


Give your home a rustic feel with beautifully crafted handmade doily place mats. This is what Crafts Unleashed have done, creating a fantastic set of doily place mats that would come in handy once the Holiday Season rolls in.

3. Vintage Brass Chandelier

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Vintage Brass Chandelier

There is nothing more rustic than a brass chandelier to give the interior a vintage style that is also trendy. Instead of paying a ton of cash for a brand new chandelier, why not make your own instead. Check out Craft and Couture who have crafted this absolute masterpiece!

4. Vintage Button Lampshade

VIEW IN GALLERYButton Lampshade

Love lighting fixtures? Then create your own vintage button lampshade like the one made by DIY Crafts Tutorials. This will make a lovely addition to your bedroom or even living space as it sits proudly on one of the sidetables.

5. Shabby Chic Tray


Irina’s Cute Box has designed this amazing shabby chic tray; a DIY delight that is both functional and aesthetic. A perfect way to serve in style… shabby chic style that is!

6. Vintage Photo Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage Photo Frame

Time to make your own unique photo frame with a vintage appeal to within no time at all! This design is incredibly easy to replicate, so you will barely be spending a few hours over the weekend on it. To make your own, head over to Morena’s Corner for a detailed step-by-step guide.

7. Burlap Doily Bunting

VIEW IN GALLERYBurlap Doily Bunting

If you want to create your own handmade bunting, why not make your own doily bunting? This is pretty easy to do as well, allowing you to feel a sense of satisfaction once you’ve finished crafting it. A smart and simple vintage craft for those still learning the ropes in the DIY world.

8. Decorative Book Cover

VIEW IN GALLERYDecorative Book Cover

If you have some books that you no longer read and have often thought about ways in which you can transform them into something different, why not check out this hip project from By Dreams Factory. They have turned plain ol’ books into vintage style books you can show off with pride.