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8 DIY Temporary Tattoos To Try Out

If the idea of permanently committing to a quote or a drawing scares you, yet you still admire tattoos and dream of their designs, maybe it’s time to try a temporary one! Because they eventually disappear you’ll have a never ending loop of artistic excitement, as you’ll always be able to try out new patterns and designs. There are several different ways of how you can make them, so keep reading and find the most suitable one for you.

Here are 8 DIY temporary tattoos you can make in the comfort of your own home!

1. Tattoo Paper


Perhaps the most obvious idea, from The Crafted Life, is to use a tattoo paper that happens to be very affordable and print on it your favorite tattoo design. You can make the design yourself or search for one online. You can also throw a little tattoo-making party for you and your friends! The more, the merrier – both friends and tattoos!

2. Glittered Body Art


Now is the time for your childhood dreams to come true: get a tattoo that sparkles all over! You can use one color of glitter or go all out and use them all! Whatever floats your sparkling boat! Because children tend to be very passionate about glitter, use this opportunity to have a tattoo session for the entire family! Find the tutorial at I Love To Create!

3. Temporary Tattoo Paint

VIEW IN GALLERYTemporary Tattoo Paint

Believe it or not, you can make your own temporary tattoo “ink.” And the best part about it that all you need you already have – in your kitchen! The process is quick, easy and effective. It makes for a wonderful slumber party idea, too! Visit eHow to read the details!

4. Metallic Tattoos


Metallic tattoos are as popular as ice-cream in the summer (or anytime, really)! They look chic, classy and go amazingly well against all skin tones. Pure perfection! If you want a tattoo that you can proudly show off on your fashion blog, visit She Knows for instructions!

5. Eyebrow Pencil


Thank you, eyebrow pencil, for not only keeping our eyebrows on fleek, but as of now, also our momentary tattoos! I guess we can have it all! In a combination with a few other tools, an eyebrow pencil can turn an idea into a tattoo reality. Who knew! Check out Victoria Cullen to see the tutorial.

6. Liquid Eyeliner

VIEW IN GALLERYLiquid Eyeliner

Another make-up tool that is useful for tattoo-making! Yay! Hopefully mastering this technique is easier than mastering a perfectly winged eyeliner. What a lovely opportunity to dig up that eyeliner from the bottom of your make up bag and finally being able to say that it’s for “everyday use!” Find all the details at Vingle!

7. Henna Tattoo


If you’ve always gushed over henna hand tattoos that you’ve seen on Pinterest, let us share the happy news: you can make these same tattoos and it’s not even too complicated! They look absolutely stunning and they’re completely natural! Find the instructions at Makezine!

8. Silver Leaf


Your rings and bracelets deserve a day off, so why not wear tattoos as accessories instead?! Channel your inner music-festival-goer and impress everyone with some seriously chic tattoo art! For The Makers shares the how-to. Warning: you may find yourself having to repeat this how-to process to multiple people, because they will want those tattoos for themselves!

Hopefully you have found your inspiration and will soon get your temporary tattoo fix! Also, it’s totally acceptable to refer to yourself as a tattoo artist now!