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Summer Shades: DIY Sunglasses For Every Style

We’ve done the cat-eye, we’ve done the Ozzy, we’ve done the oversized. We’ve had countless summers where everybody was sporting the same type of sunglasses. This summer, let’s switch things up and rock some custom-made shades! Ditch the regular, boring sunglasses that everybody else has. Do a complete makeover of your sunglasses and redo them in a way that fits your style and personality.

In need of ideas? Here is a roundup of DIY sunglasses for every style!

Floral Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral Sunglasses

Starting with something gentle and feminine, these will go great with our rosy cheeks, colored by the sun! Can you already picture yourself driving to the beach, singing along to Taylor Swift? Head over to Honestly WTF and make sure these sunglasses accompany you on the adventure!

Beaded Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded Sunglasses

Spell your name or your favorite word and decorate it with various different beads! It’s time to go back to our childhood years when we were in love with funky, silly sunglasses. Remember those? Visit Hey Preston if you want to recreate them!

Rhinestone Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYRhinestone Sunglasses

Confidence is everything. Once you put these glamorous sunglasses on, nothing will stop you! Sparkly rhinestones will make sure you are the center of attention. Go to TiB and learn how to make a pair of your own! Did someone say countless Instagram pictures?

Pearl Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYPearl Sunglasses

Another great idea for the members of the so called glam fam! Victoria Brikho has a ridiculously simple tutorial for these! Combining vintage with modern has never looked better! But be careful, your grandma might just steal them from you!

Fake Flowered Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYFake Flowered Sunglasses

Fake flowers are a true gift. Real flowers are great, no doubt, but you could never make something like this out of them! These sunglasses are basically a free pass for every music festival. Joking aside, you definitely need them if you’re feeling the flower power! Find tutorial at Now That’s Pretty!

Donut Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYDonut Sunglasses

As if we needed something to grow our donut obsession even more. Is there a way to make these edible? Celebrate your love for donuts with these epic donut sunglasses. Who run the world? Carbs! Here’s to donut lovers and to Studio DIY, for sharing the instructions!

Daisy Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYDaisy Sunglasses

Everything’s coming up daisies! If you are a fan of really big sunnies, you will love this project! These sunglasses are fun, bright, huge and 100% unique! Find out how to make this yellow perfection at Brit+Co!

Party Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYParty Sunglasses

These sunglasses are the life of the party. Invite your friends over, have a crafting party and experiment with these out-of-this-world sunglasses! Then, once everyone has their pair, hit the town and show the people how it’s done! By Wilma has all the important details!

Two-Toned Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYTwo-Toned Sunglasses

Combining different colors is always a fun experience, especially if the end result is a new pair of summer shades! This project will involve nail polish, which is great because your nails and sunglasses will get to be the exact the same color! Find the how-to at Aol!

Glitter Sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter Sunglasses

Hell yes to the shiny and sparkly glitter sunglasses! These will soon become your go-to sunglasses for any summer party!  They will compliment every outfit you can think of and make you look overall fabulous! A Beautiful Mess shares the making-of process!

Now that you’ve seen what shades you can wear in the sun, you’re definitely summer ready! Let us know which ones are your favorite!