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DIY Sunglasses That Are Perfect For The Beach

Treating yourself to new sunglasses right before summer is a fun idea. You’ll be able to incorporate them into the summer looks you put together and look forward to wearing them on the beach! Finding sunglasses that are unique but still suit your personal style, however, can be challenging. That’s where your DIY skills come to the rescue!

Check out these 15 DIY sunglasses ideas that will have you customizing your old shades left, right, and center.

1. Embroidered sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbroidered sunglasses

Honestly WTF walks you through the process of actually turning the edge of your lenses into a needlepoint project! This lets you customize them uniquely in any design you like by following the markings on a simple cross stitch pattern.

2. Pastel flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYPastel flowers

Muguet DIY suggests picking up cute little ceramic pastel flowers from your local bead or crafting store. Next, grab your strongest crafting glue, like Super Glue or E6000. Glue the flowers in the corners of the frames however you please!

3. Seed Beads


Whether you bought the seed beads new or happen to have a broken necklace that you’d like to repurpose, the textured effect that gluing those tiny beads across the top frame will give your glasses is one that we enjoy very much indeed! Miss Kris shows you how to bead the frames without getting glue and beads all over your lenses.

4. Rhinestone peace signs

VIEW IN GALLERYRhinestone peace signs

Sometimes, however, gluing things to the lenses is actually the point! While these might not be the most practical sunglasses for driving, they’ll sure look awesome at your favourite music festival! Check out how Shine Trimmy mapped out and glued down these awesome rhinestone peace signs.

5. Little plastic bows

VIEW IN GALLERYLittle plastic bows

Are you loving the idea of customizing your shades but hoping for a subtler look and easier project than what you’ve seen so far? Try just gluing two simple, chic bows, one on each side, to the corners of your frames, just like Dream a Little Bigger did.

6. Skull embellishments

VIEW IN GALLERYSkull embellishments

By Hand London made these edgy frames by gluing a large, flat backed skull bead to each accenting down the sides and onto the arms with complementary metal circle beads.

7. Fabric flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric flowers

These shades make another great festival look! We love the way these slightly floppy material flower metals give the frames a slightly “boho chic” apearance, like you’ve run through a meadow of flowers and placed them there on a whim. Time for Tea shows you how to really place them there.

8. Baroque DIY glasses

VIEW IN GALLERYBaroque DIY glasses

Inspiration and Realisation shows you how to transform your plain old glasses or sunglasses into Baroque-inspired art pieces that look like they belong in a haute couture exhbit! Decorative, swooping pieces of plastic are the key to creating this look.

9. Striped fabric

VIEW IN GALLERYStriped fabric

These shades are an awesomely stylish way to use up leftover fabric ends, since you don’t need very much to get the look. Follow What I Wore‘s steps to cover your frames. You don’t have to choose stripes; use whatever colour or pattern you like best!

10. Hand-dotted polka dots

VIEW IN GALLERYHand-dotted polka dots

Using a fine pointed paint brush or paint with a pointed applicator makes creating a dotted pattern down the arms of your sunglasses very easy. Natalme walks you through the process of creating this adorable waving line!

11. Crazy party sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYCrazy party sunglasses

Okay, so these might not be your first choice for practical day wear, but imagine how much fun they’d be at a costume party! By Wilma shows you how to make crazy shapes like these ones out of materials like glittered cardboard or coloured sticky foam.

12. Big rhinestone bling

VIEW IN GALLERYBig rhinestone bling

suggests using big shaped rhinestones, like the kind you find yourself with when jewelry pieces break, to bedazzle and adjust the shape of a pair of plain shades. We love the way it elevates the glamour factor! Get some guidance from Trinkets in Bloom.

13. Tape and spray paint sections

VIEW IN GALLERYTape and spray paint sections

As long as you cover your lenses well, tape and spray paint give you nearly endless possibilities when it comes to customizing sunglasses! We See Rainbows opted for a few subtle stripes and shows you how to do the same.

14. Glitter sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYglitter sunglasses

If you’re enough of a glitter lover to wanted entirely sparkled sunglasses frames then you probably already know how these are done but, just in case, Miss Vicky Viola shows you the steps for these ones.

15. Hidden message sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYHidden message sunglasses

Sometimes the subtlest customization is the nicest, especially if you’re giving the glasses as a gift. Mrs Ferguson suggests carefully writing or painting a hidden message on the inside of the glasses where it’ll only be seen as you take them on and off!

Have you made other styles of DIY sunglasses that you don’t see on out list? Tell us how you did them in the comments section!