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For Your Eyes: Gorgeous Makeup Looks Involving Purple

We’re enthusiastic people. When we decide we love something, we love it a lot, as you might have noticed already just by clicking on our site. It will probably come as no surprised to you, then, that our favorite colour comes out so often in the things we love to make and do the most. We’re huge fans of crafting, DIY  home décor, and DIY beauty and our all time favorite colour is purple, so you can probably just imagine how many purple scarves we’ve knit, how many lavender trinkets we’ve crafted around our house, and how many purple eye shadows we own. Of this list, we think the best way to combine our love for purple and getting creative is in the makeup department!

Just in case you’re a big purple lover too, check out these awesomely purple DIY makeup designs and tutorials that we have no doubt you’ll be able to recreate on yourself without trouble!

1. Light purple lid with a dark purple crease


Do you love purple so much that the only colour you really want to combine your purple eyeshadow with is an even deeper purple? Then we like you’re style! We also think you’re going to love this lilac purple lid with a darker purple cut crease from Stuff Point. The only thing in this eye makeup look that isn’t purple is the black of the liner and mascara and those actually emphasize the shade, if you ask me!

2. Purple and gold sparkles


Whenever you create yourself an awesome purple eye makeup look, do you tend to lean towards the more glamorous side of things, making things as flashy as you please? Then we doubt you’ll shy away from Be Modish‘s idea, which not only features purple heavily but also combines it with gold and adds an exciting splash of glitter to each.

3. Sensual purple smoky eye


When we’re getting ready for a night out dancing with friends, out simple go to for a sassy but glamorous look is a nice smoky eye. Normally a smoky eye is created using tones of black and silver, as the name suggests, but we have a feeling you won’t be surprised to find out that we often add a quick splash of colour into out look, just like in this makeup featured on Pinterest. Our version of a smoky eye blends purple right across the lid between the black and the silver for impact.

4. Pink with a purple crease


When you think of purple, does your brain automatically finished the sentence with “…and pink”? The two colours are often found together in schemes throughout DIY and beauty alike and they’re one of our favourite colour combinations to work with. Whether you’re working with deep tones, neon, or pastels, we think few colours contrast each other quite as well as purple and pink. That’s why we fell so in love with this look from Ko-te that shades a purple colour in from the outer corner to fade onto a bright pink lid.

5. Gold lid, purple shade, and a liner cut crease


Did you love the idea of combining purple and gold like we talked about above, but you’d like your look to be a little less party and a little more high fashion? Then we suggest swapping the sparkling glitter for a subtle shimmer look instead. We love the way Fashion and Styles kept a simple gold lid with a purple crease extra interesting by adding a cut crease that extends right from the liner wing and fades out into the purple until the two blend perfectly.

6. Silver rhinestones and a dark purple smoky crease


Is your mind still caught on the beauty you saw in the basic concept of a purple smoky eye, but you’re feeling exceptionally glamourous and looking for a way to make the look even more sparkly and impactful? Then Health and Looks is here to save your day with their rhinestones and glitter eyelid idea! Gluing individual rhinestones down onto a bed of silver glitter that’s been perfectly framed with a smoky purple crease might sound like a lot of work, and it undoubtedly is, but once you see how even the first once looks, we have a feeling you won’t mind taking the time one bit.

7. Silver, hot pink, and purple with a winged liner


Are you still thinking about the pink and purple pictures you saw above and wondering whether that might be the right combination for you, but something’s holding you back? We felt the same way right up until we found this version from Health, Wealth, and Glamour that adds a bit of glinting silver into the combination! A lightly blended black and neutral crease above a matte black winged liner really lets the colours on the lid pop so each of the three can be seen distinctly while still looking quite cohesive.

8. Purple with a green inner corner


Are you undoubtedly intent on keeping your makeover very purple, but you’d certainly like to add at least one pop of another shade as well, just to keep things as visually interesting as possible? In that case, we’d love to show you another one of our favourite combinations! Putting green in the inner corner after you’ve painted your purple lid made the eyes look wide and, if your eyes are green too, you won’t believe the pop factor just that little extra dash of colour will give you. Check out how this simple look was done in more detail on Pretty Designs!

9. Blue lid with bright purple bottom liner


Maybe you actually find purple a lot more impactful to use when it’s your accent colour and not your primary focus in the look itself? We can totally see how certain combinations would make that happen! This electric blue look from Tips n’ Tutorials Pro is a great example of what we mean. That blue is so bright that it commands a lot of the attention, but that lets the purple really pop out at you unexpectedly from where it’s nestled under the lower lashes, lying in pigmented wait.

10. Glittery purple lid with a cut crease


Have you seen more than one element on our list so far that you’re dying to try, but that you’re not really sure about in the specific combinations we listed them in? Well, we want to remind you that you should never be afraid to experiment with shapes or combine techniques in new ways! That’s why makeup inspiration pictures like these are so helpful. We love the way Fashion and Styles combined a black cut crease and purple glitter shadow in a way that you haven’t seen elsewhere on our list yet.

11. Subtle pastel purple and blue


Just because you’re working with purple, which is typically a rather bright colour when it comes to makeup, doesn’t mean you have to make your look wild and neon looking. Style Hunt World is here to remind you that pastels can be stunning and impactful as well! Instead of getting really bright with their pigments and dramatic with their liner, they chose to draw the eye by combining a pastel purple with a blue that’s also very light but just enough of a contrast that it still pops, making people really look. This look is a little bit more subtle and daytime appropriate to some of the brighter glam looks.

12. Purple and green with a winged liner


We’ve talked a little bit about using green in combination with purple, but the look we showed you was rather reserved with their green and kept it to a small area, making it solely an accent rather than a focus. Styles Weekly, however, thinks that even if your emphasis is still purple, the green still deserves more credit (and space)! That’s why they’ve made this entire lid a deep, mossy shade of green, letting the purple bloom and fade outwards from the crease like it might in a garden.

13. Subtle purple outer corner


Do you love purple more than any other colour and adore putting it in your eye makeup, but some days you just have to be a little bit more understated and serious for things like work meetings? Well, as long as you’re willing to practice a bit with neutral shades, professional work meetings are no reason to drop the purple shadow idea all together! We love the way Denitslava Makeup kept their purple pigment to just the outer corners of the eye, letting the matte neutrals establish the level of glamour and just adding enough colour to make things a bit more interesting and show off your personality.

14. Purple lids with a metallic rose gold centre


Jusst in case you’re still over here dreaming of how to combine pink and purple together in new and unique ways that haven’t popped up on our list yet, here’s a look that brings sparkles back into the picture but without amping up the purple any more than necessary! We love the way U-Makeup chose to loosely pack some pink onto the centre of the lid but also really make the purple stand out thanks to how well it frames the pink by adding rose gold glitter on top for maximum effect.

15. Purple with white outlined liner


Do you love your purple with a simple, classic black winged liner but sometimes you wish you could put a bit more delineation between the two just to make sure they each really stand out and get their proverbial time in the sun? Then you simply must check out how Easy Neon traced a very thin line of white all around the edges of the black liner, breaking the darker shades up enough to let each one stand out.