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11 Tricks That Will Keep Your Home Clean Longer

It’s really frustrating when you have to clean the same spot constantly. The process is mundane and time-consuming.  Although everyone loves to be in a clean home, you don’t need to subject yourself to that tiring process. You can work smart instead. Doing the following will keep your home clean for a more extended period.


Wipe Small Spills

Spills can make a spot dirty over time. It can create a bad mark on your floor, fridge, tabletop, sink, and countertops. Keep your cleaning wares in handy so that you can just clean the spills right after. If you do these, you won’t need to mop or deep clean these places often. They will stay clean for a very long time.

Seal Your Garage Floor

The dust that comes from your garage floor alone can make your home dusty most of the time. You can use garage-floor paint to act as a protective layer. This will reduce the amount of dust that comes from the Cement floors of your garage.

Keep Doormats At All Entrances

Doormats help you to get the dust out of your home. Keep doormats at the insides and outsides of both front and back doors. At least, you won’t be bringing dirt from outside to your home. Your floors will be cleaner, and you will not need to clean often. You only need to shake the doormats regularly to get out all the dirt out.

Keep a Shoe Rack At The Door

Even if you keep doormats at the door, a little bit of dirt, debris, and dust will get into your house if you come in with your shoes. Keep a shoe rack at the door so that all members of your family can keep their shoes at the door. Your floors will be cleaner if the shoes do not come in. Since your entrance creates the first impression of your home, make sure that the shoes do not create a clutter there. Especially if you have a large household. Teach members of your family to properly arrange their shoes when they take it off.

Line Your Dish With Tin Foil

Cooking items that are hard to wash, such as casserole dishes and baking sheets, can be lined with tin foil. You won’t waste time scrubbing these things. You will only need to remove the tin foil, rinse the dishes, and put them back.

Use Rugs On Top Of Carpets

If you live in a dusty area, you may need to clean your carpet regularly. Instead of doing this tedious task, you can use decorative rugs on top of the carpet. These rugs are easier to vacuum and even clean. So you will only need to use the carpet cleaner at most once a month. The good thing is that these decorative rugs add style and color to your home. Choose colors that blend well with your decoration. When picking carpets, choose ones that are easy to vacuum. Check out the details of carpet deodorizers list at The Home Makers Journal.

Put Items You Use Back In Place

Clutter can develop pretty quickly. Ensure that you always put things back after using them. If you finish using a hairbrush, remove the hair strands from it and put it where you pick it. Anytime you enter a room, ensure that you organize anything that is not put in the right place. If you do this, your home will be organized most times. You won’t need to take time out of your busy schedule to clear clutter. If you don’t have a lot of clutter, it is also easier to clean up your space.

Sort Your Mail

It is a bad idea to pile your mail with the intention of sorting them later. If you do that, you may end up accumulating more paper, and that will make your space clumsy. It will also make it difficult for you to sort your mails when you want to. The moment you get the letters, sort them out so that there is no pile. Get rid of the ones you will not need immediately. If you need to shred them, do it at that time.

Clean With a Dryer Sheet

When cleaning your baseboards and furniture, use a dryer sheet. These places attract a lot of dust, and you may need to clean them regularly. When you use dryer sheets, it leaves some residues that repel dirt. These places will be cleaner for a more extended period.

Clean As You Go

To ensure that your deep cleans last longer, ensure that you are touching up regularly. Do the dishes by the end of the day so that your kitchen is not messy. Don’t wait until you have a heap of laundry before you do the laundry. You can load the washing machine daily. When you use your microwave oven, clean any food spills that may have fallen into it. Wipe your countertops and tables after using them. Doing these things will not take a lot of time and effort, but your house will be cleaner. You won’t need to deep clean regularly. Simply Maid can help you know about professional cleaning.

Don’t keep items you will not use

Clutter is one thing that makes our homes clumsy. Always ask yourself this question; do I need it? Some items may look new, and you will find it difficult to throw them out. But once you no longer need it, they no longer belong in your home. You can decide to donate things that may be useful to others to the orphanage. Your home will be cleaner if there is no clutter.

Bonus: Keep your shower curtains dry. Whenever you finish taking your bath, pull the shower curtains to spread it up. So that all the moisture and water will dry up before your next bath. If there are soap stains on the curtains, wash it with water first. This will keep your curtains clean for a very long time.