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Macaroni Takeover: Fun-tastic DIY Pasta Crafts

Kids love to spend their days being creative and expressing their inner artist. Being a parent sometimes means constantly having to come up with fun and innovative ways for your kids to be creative, because this very same curiosity that makes them so fascinated with crafting also makes them bored very quickly and on to the next one! Creating with dried macaroni is always a good option. Chances are you already have them in your pantry and there are many DIY macaroni crafts to choose from!

1. Stained Glass Pasta 


The windows in your home could always benefit from some childlike decoration. If you’ve been eyeing the concept of stained glass, here’s a great opportunity to let your kids create it for you. The plot twist lies in the pasta! Find out the secrets at Babble Dabble Do.

2. Bow Tie Pasta Butterflies 


Help your kids celebrate the arrival of spring by making Crafty Morning‘s super adorable bow tie pasta butterflies with them! Kids are mesmerized by butterflies, thanks to the unique colors and patterns on their wings, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to create some special butterflies themselves!

3. Pasta Frames 


Dried pasta can be used as decoration, to spice up greeting cards or painting frames! Let your kids pick the shape of the macaroni, so that they’ll be that much more excited to use them! We love how Pink Stripey Socks used pasta wheels to decorate DIY frames!

4. Clay and Pasta Art 


Spring is bringing so many days of sunshine that your kids will be able to spend playing in the backyard, but it’s also the season of rain, so when you and your little ones are stuck inside, you can craft the time away! Start with this clay and pasta art by Buggy and Buddy!

5. Pasta Tassel Pendants 


Macaroni necklaces are a timeless piece of jewelry that is so very basic but we all consider it the most valuable because it was made by the kids! Pysselbolaget shares a fun way to give the classic pasta pendants a little twist by pairing them up with a colorful tassel!

6. Pasta Fish Craft 


One of the best things about crafting together with your kids is that you can turn any art project into a learning experience. As you’re making these pasta fish by I Heart Crafty Things you can teach your kids all about different types of fish and how they live. Combining fun with education always pays off!

7. Pasta Christmas Tree 


December is still some time away but it’s never too early to pin ideas to your Christmas Pinterest board! This year, your little ones can be involved in the making of Christmas cards, thanks to the brilliant idea for macaroni Christmas trees by The Best Ideas for Kids!

8. Macaroni Lace Hearts 


Some of the best macaroni crafts are those that don’t look anything like macaroni at all. Your kids will be so impressed when they see the end result; it’s going to give them so much confidence and love to keep chasing their passion for crafting! This pasta lace hearts by Abc & Garden Peas are a lovely example!

9. Macaroni Mermaid Wreath 


Is your toddler going through a serious mermaid obsession right now? We’ve all been there! Show them your support by setting aside some time to make this mesmerizing mermaid wreath from dried pasta! The final result looks absolutely stunning and you can find the whole process at Babble!

10. Pasta Pumpkin 


One way to get kids into crafting is to make projects that are seasonal and popular. This how your kids will always feel a part of something important, something that gets everyone excited – like Halloween! Check in with Posh Lil Divas to get the tutorial for this wonderful pasta pumpkin!

11. Pasta Rainbow 


Seeing a rainbow is such a lucky moment, it’s no wonder that kids are always so excited about them! If they haven’t seen a rainbow in a while, maybe you can help them make it? You’re going to need some macaroni, paint and the instructions by Lille Punkin’!

12. Pasta Angels 


Little angel ornaments are one of those pieces that are always welcome in our home, all year round. They have an incredibly serene appearance and remind us of the essence of what’s important in life. Encourage your kids to help you make these pasta angels by Exquisitely Unremarkable!