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DIY Make-Up Organization Tips And Tricks

Have you done your spring cleaning and reorganizing yet? If not, now’s the time to get started! Make sure your make-up isn’t lying around all over the bathroom, making you lose your mind every morning when you’re looking for the right brush or lip liner! We’ve found some amazing DIY make-up organization tips and tricks that will help you stay organized and on top of your make-up game!

Repurposed Candle Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYcandle jars

Once the candles burn out, there’s no need to throw the jars away. They might just come in handy for organizing your favorite lipsticks, glosses, eye creams or anything else that will fit in them! See how Ann Le made it happen!

Leather Brush Holder


You won’t be able to believe how quickly this idea will simplify your life! With this lovely brush holder by Hello Glow, you’ll always have a clear view over all of your most important brushes & you’ll never use the wrong one again! It is also perfect for traveling, as it simply rolls up and doesn’t take much space.

Copper Cup Organizer


Organizing doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun and chic! Just look at these amazing copper cup organizers, found at A Beautiful Mess! They are on fleek! It’s a very unique idea that might even earn you a spot on someone’s Pinterest board!

Make-Up Magnet Board

VIEW IN GALLERYMake-Up Magnet Board

You know that feeling when you’re desperately looking for the right eye shadow but unfortunately it’s stuck under twelve wrong ones? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that feeling for good! Dare to challenge the traditional make-up storage and display all of your make-up on a magnet board to avoid the mess forever! Visit Laura Thoughts for the tutorial!

Lipstick Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYlipstick copper

Let us all dedicate a special place just to our lipsticks, because they totally deserve it! This is another project involving copper and the end result is stunning! Once your friends see it, they will all want to get their hands on it! Find more details at Amanda Katherine.

Mason Jar Organizer

VIEW IN GALLERYMason Jar Organizer

Mason jars are an absolute treasure! They probably help you with everything else already, be it storing food or making crafts, but now they might become a significant part of your organizing as well! The DIY playbook shares with you these lovely organizers that will keep all of your make-up stuff at bay!

A-Frame Organizer


Just think: these little purple pockets could soon be storing your most precious make-up items! The A-Frame structure looks sophisticated and neat, so if you want your very own, Haberdashery Fun will show you how to sew it!

Hexagon Vanity Tray


Geometric shapes are the new black! They’re trendy and dynamic, lately walking hand-in-hand with the millennials! This unique hexagon tray will always be there for you to store those items you cannot live without and are essential for your everyday morning routine. Head over to Sugar & Cloth to read the instructions!

Sushi Mat Organizer


What connection does sushi mat have with make-up tools? Visit Irina’s Cute Box and you will find the answer! This portable organizer is definitely budget-friendly and a perfect fit for all the busy ladies who need to reapply while out and about!

Glass Beads Storage Container


Never deal with messed up brushes again! If you keep them upright, they will remain nice and fluffy for a long time! This is a project that will take up 5 minutes of your time but will result in countless minutes of gratification, as you’ll look at your perfect brushes! Find out more at The Average Girl’s Guide!

Make up? On fleek! Organization? On fleek! You are now ready to slay – all day!!!