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Inspired by Nature: Gorgeous Makeup Looks for those Who Love Green!

When we sit down to do our makeup, we find that we have the most fun ‘painting’ our faces if we work with lots of awesome bright colours. Sometimes we like to use all of the different colours our palettes offer and other times we tend to fixate on one colour and create an entire look centred upon that particular hue. If we really like the look we’ve created, sometimes we’ll go through a phase with it, wearing the colour in as many different styles and aesthetics as we can think of. That’s how we’ve been with green lately! We’ve tried out, experimented with, and recreated so many green looks lately that some of our palettes are almost down to the metal pan.

Just in case you love green as much as we do, here are 15 different eye makeup looks that will help you showcase your love for green in plain view, using your awesome makeup skills!

1. Dusty green outer corners for fall


It might not quite be fall yet but we’re kind of obsessed with the idea of catering our makeup to the season and we’re also very prepared people, so you can bet we’re already collecting looks and ideas for fall that we can use as soon as the leaves change and the colours outside turn beautifully autumnal. That’s why this lovely fall makeup look with dusty green outer corners from Jamie Paige caught our eye! This look is great for those who want inject a little bit of colour into their look by using green but still keeping things quite blended and subtle.

2. Evergreen lids and a brown under liner


When you think green and all inspired, do you picture a much more pigmented green element because it complements your natural eye colour and you’d like to highlight that? Then check out how easyNeon created this look with a lovely evergreen shadow and some well matched brown in the crease and under the lower lash line! We love the way they used the same brown from the eye in the brows to really tie the look together.

3. Mint green smoky eye


When it comes to working with green, there are plenty of shades that you can choose from rather than just autumn shades and fall colours. This minty green colour from Motives Cosmetics is a perfect example! We love the way they added depth to the look by blending a darker brown in the crease and outer corner. The wing shape tops it all off well!

4. Ultra glam black eye with neon green inner corners


Are you looking for an aesthetic that’s much more intense and unique than some of the lovely, more subtle looks you’ve seen so far on our list? Well, there are almost endless impactful looks that you can do with green makeup but this electric green eye is one of our absolute favourites! We love the intensity the black provides across the whole lid but the electric green in the inside corners really draws the eye of anyone who sees you that day. It’s a dark look, so we might save this one for night time, but we’d certainly wear this to a party or on a night out! See the whole look in more detail on Cheryl Pandemonium.

5. Intense black liner and green glitter eye


Were you very intrigued when we said the words “intense green makeup” but your mind went to an even more attention grabbing place than the electric green look we just showed you above? In that case, you might prefer this look from Ruby Luvs Makeup which uses a dramatic pointed lower liner in matte black contrasted with a bright green glitter to create a look that practically no one will be able to resist checking out.

6. Light and dark blended greens with a black wing


Are you still considering creating a look that’s along the lines of something more subtle, but you want to make sure the green shades you love so much are featured well? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to keep your shadows, crease, and lower liner entirely to greens rather than blending in browns, darker colours, and contrast shades? Then we think you should take a look at how Styles Point created this fantastic green look by making their lid and highlight areas a lighter green while their outer corners and crease are shadowed with a deep, dark green that builds the shape of the eye well. We love the way they still created a wing with black liquid liner to keep the eye from blending into the face.

7. Periwinkle and soft green eyes without liner


We know that we’re talking primarily about green since it’s the perfect time and season to be working with your favourite colour but have you ever thought about combining your favourite shades of green with another colour besides just brown or black? In that case, take a look at how Vintage Selection got creative with a mild, soft green paired with an absolutely stunning periwinkle! They left our intense wings and liners for this look in order to keep it light and pretty, but make sure to keep the mascara so your lases aren’t dusted out and your eyes are still framed well.

8. Bright lime green smoky eye


We find, in the world of makeup tutorials, that there’s a small but common misconception that smoky eyes can only really be done with black, white, silver, or gray shades. Facequizite, however, is here to remind you that you can actually create that look with just about any colour combination you please! The trick to getting a good smoky eye is actually in choosing a good colour combination and blending it just right so that smoky contrast and effect are created, rather than in the “smoky” colouring itself. We’re obsessed with this bright green version because it’s more versatile for different times of day and it will suit all kinds of skin tones!

9. Green and gold with simple mascara


We talked about combining different colours with your green to really create contrast, but have you ever considered mixing different shadow finishes? This stunning green and metallic gold look from Cut Out and Keep is a fantastic example of what we mean! Keeping the green matte makes the shimmer in the gold stand out in a way that adds a bright sparkle to your eye.

10. Shimmering olive green and a dramatic black wing


Sometimes it’s the green you really want to make sparkle rather than the colours around it! Check out this eye from Melissa Samways to see what we mean. The way they’ve blended a calm matte brown into the crease and a matte black from the outer corners and upwards into a cat eye shape grounds the green without detracting from its sparkle. We like that the final product is intense without being too dark. Keep the lower waterline and the area under the brows highlighted with light neutral tones to really let the shimmer stand out.

11. Natural green with a taupe crease


Are you quite enjoying browsing through all these more glamorous looks but you’re still convinced that a light, subtle eye is the way to go for your? Well, here’s one that showcases green in a pretty way but is still “daytime” enough to be worn to work or out to a family dinner! Markelbeauty guides you through the process of covering your lid with a natural moss green and blending a taupe crease across the top from corner to corner. We love that this style will look just as lovely in matte or shimmer shadows.

12. Natural brown, lime green, and a neat black wing


Perhaps you’re a big fan of creating yourself a defined crease, but you’d rather not blend your out quite as heavily as some of the looks we’ve shown you so far? Blending is a masterful and necessary skill when it comes to doing makeup but there’s nothing wrong with a very neat, segmented look if it’s done cleanly and with colours that stand out very well against each other. This brown and lime green look from January Girl is a stellar example of how to make a defied crease, especially because the shape of the winged liner balances the more rounded shape above the lid.

13. Green and gold with metallic green double liner


Double liner has been trendy for a while now and we couldn’t be happier because we think it’s possibly one of our favourite makeup fads ever! As you can see in this stunningly shimmery green and gold look from Corallista, creating a neat, sharp wing in matte black eyeliner frames the eye while adding a corresponding line of metallic green liquid liner right above that, all along the top, adds a pop of colour and a sense of glamour.

14. Rainbow lids with a blended green crease


Depending on the shade of green we’re looking at, our mind’s eye often jumps immediately to certain images and aesthetics when we see it, forming the look we’re going to do in our mind before it’s even happened. When it comes to very bright greens, for example, like the ones in the lime and electric spectrums, we find that we automatically start picturing rainbows! If you’re a bright colour lover like us, we have a feeling you’ll love using your favourite bright green shadow in a fun rainbow look just like this one from Makeup Geek! They created a lovely spectrum across the lid and used green to blend an awesomely contrasted crease upwards. We can’t get over how great the subtle line of glitter under the bottom lashes looks, especially when it catches the light!

15. Glam green eye with double black wings


Were you intrigued by the idea of creating a “double liner” look but the layered effect we showed you above isn’t actually the first style your mind wandered to when we said it? Perhaps you’d prefer this razor sharp double lined look that angles the bottom and top of the eye in the same direction at the outer corners instead! We love the idea of combining this liner style with a lovely green lid because it creates such an awesome colour contrast, but even more than that we love how Stacey Makeup used a bright green to build the scheme and a darker green to blend outward into the liner to make the whole look cohesive.