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Never Lose Your Keys Again: DIY Key Holders 

Raise your hand if you are always losing your keys! There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a rush, about to leave your home when you are already late for work and not being able to find your keys anywhere in the house! Enter the frenzy of running up and down the house, hoping that maybe they’ll appear out of thin air until you finally find them where you already look twice in the first place! A very simple solution for this problem is to set up a special place in the house to hold your keys!

Here are some great ideas for DIY key holders! 

Chalkboard Key Holder 


I Spy DIY brings you a chalkboard key holder that will not only keep your keys safe and always stored in the same place, but also serve as a memo board when you need it and a nice decorative shelf if you so choose! We honestly love everything about it!

Bird House Key Holders 


You can set up a cute little lane of bird houses right in your entryway and have each one of them serve as a key holder for one of your many keys! This is perfect for big families – every family member gets their very own bird house key holder! Spy how it works at Tori Jayne!

Monogram Key Holder


A monogram key holder will serve both the practical purpose of storing your keys and the decorative purpose of being a personalized element inside of your home! We love things with double uses and we’re happy to have found this one at Make Your Mark!

Plywood Key Holder 


Your key holder doesn’t have to be too eccentric or colorful. If you wish to keep things subtle and minimal, this plywood key holder by Shanty 2 Chic is the perfect choice! You can even add a simple vase with flowers to make it truly unique!

Elephant Key Holders 


Be greeted by these lovely gold elephants right next to your doorway! Their trunks will hold your keys and you will be richer for what is easily the chicest key holder we have ever seen! Props to Creative Soul Spectrum for sharing the tutorial with the world!

Painted Driftwood Key Holder 


Driftwood wall pieces are always so amazing to look at, especially when they are painted with multiple colors, creating a truly stunning and versatile wall art! Imagine if you could have a beautiful wall piece and a key holder at once! With this tutorial by My Desired Home, you can!

Magnet Key Holders 


But what if you don’t have any wall space to install a key holder on? No need to give up just yet, If Found, Make comes to the rescue! You can now make magnet key holders and place them on any magnet board or, better yet, your fridge!

Retro Key Holder


How about this retro key holder?! It definitely brings something new and unexpected into your home, making the place where you store you keys cheerful and vibrant, just as you should feel every time you leave the house! If you love it, you can make it following the instructions by Live Laugh Rowe!

Hotel Key Holder 


This hotel inspired key holder is ideal if your number one problem is having too many keys! It has so much space you can truly organize all of your keys with the skills of a  top-notch hotelier! Thanks to Remodelaholic your key collection will finally find its rightful place!

Painted Wood Slice Key Holder 


Simple DIY projects that don’t require much to look absolutely perfect are our favorite! This painted wood slice key holder by The Crafted Life is surely one of them! It takes so very little to make this modern and appealing key holder, who could resit it?

Wooden Beads Key Holder 


A New Bloom brings us an idea that combines a key holder with actual key chains! It is such a great idea to tackle two things at once and end up with compatible elements! This wooden beads key holder is easily one of the smartest choices one can make about their key storage!

Succulent Key Holder 


Plants are a sure-fire idea to bring some life and colorfulness into your home! If you want to give your key holder and additional purpose and so avoid it being plain and uninteresting, Lolly Jane has the how-to for a super unique succulent key holder!

When your coworkers ask how come you never lose your keys, make sure to send them our way!