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Cooking With Style: DIY Cutting Boards

Cooking and preparing food may be an everyday routine, but it doesn’t have to be dull! Make sure you surround yourself with chic cooking utensils and the entire meal preparation experience will feel on a completely different level! Today we’re focusing on DIY cutting boards, where you’ll be chopping up your veggies, meat, bread, cheese, whatever you wish! Some of them are made from scratch and some of them are upgraded, in case you already have a regular cutting board and don’t feel like throwing it out. Ready to DIY? Chop chop!

Color Coded Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYColor coded cutting board

Not only is this a fantastic DIY project, it is also a really useful life hack for people with allergies or other dietary specialties. Color code your cutting boards so you never mix them up and there’s no fear of cross-contamination! If you love the look of them, get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.

Simple Cutting Boards 

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple cutting boards

Do you like to stick to tradition and are in love with classic, wooden cutting boards? Make yourself one of these simple cutting boards that can be done completely by your measurements and will fit your needs just right. How many people can say they have a custom made cutting board? To Simply Inspire gives us the privilege!

Wooden Cutting Board Trio 

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden cutting board trio

Having a set of cutting boards at hand is essential to every chef! They make hosting a brunch or a dinner much easier and you can also use them to display some finger food! If you want this cutting board trio to be a part of your kitchen, head over to Censational Girl!

Wood Slice Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYWood slice cutting board

Don’t turn away from this rustic goodness! Can you daydream about serving your breakfast on this cutting board made from a wood slice? We imagine it must give you the sensation of being in a cottage, feeling cozy while eating a strong breakfast before a day full of adventures! Follow the how-to at The Birch Cottage and every day can feel just like that!

Striped Cutting Board

VIEW IN GALLERYStriped cutting board

For a traditional cutting board with a touch of class look no further than DIY Pete! This striped cutting board is just the thing you need for your monthly wine & cheese party! Put all of your love into it as you are making it, then admire it for years to come!

 Wood Burnt Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYWood burnt cutting board

The Nest has a really simple idea to upgrade a plain cutting board; wood burning! Now this technique does require a steady hand and patience, but once you get the hang of it you have the freedom to decorate your cutting board with any pattern you want and thus make it one-of-a-kind!

 Geometric Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric cutting board

Befriend geometric shapes! Make yourself a unique cutting board that has no competition! It will give your kitchen a much needed liveliness and open the doors to many Instagram pictures of your food displayed on it! Our meals sure have to be tasty, but styling them right is just as important! Find out more at Oh Happy Day.

Antique Cutting Boards

VIEW IN GALLERYAntique cutting boards

How to make antique cutting boards? Craftberry Bush has the answer! If modern kitchen utensils don’t appeal to you, these will surely scratch your itch for all things old-fashioned and antique! They are the perfect choice when making family recipes!

Block Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYBlock cutting board

This cutting board is no joke. Its bulky look tells you that it’s ready to withstand anything! If you take your chopping seriously and need your cutting board to be heavy and steady, not one to damage easily, this would be the one! eHow has the necessary instructions for this block cutting board!

Tray Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYTray cutting board


Here’s another cutting board that will instantly take care of your food display. It doubles as a tray and as such serves two purposes at once! Use it for cutting up the food, then carry the tray to your guests and serve them the delicious snack! This idea is the courtesy of The Creativity Exchange.

Pineapple Cutting Board 

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple cutting board

You don’t have to take cutting boards terribly seriously! You can make a fun cutting board in the shape of a pineapple and it will still do its job! It will also make you smile every day as you use it, not to mention remind you to eat some fruit! Poppytalk shares the details!

Painted Cutting Boards 

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted cutting boards

It’s amazing what a transformation a little paint can make! Paint the handles of your cutting boards to a color of choice and watch them instantly transform before your eyes! Whether you choose gentler tones or vivid ones, My Fabuless Life will help you make it!

 Ready to chop in style?!