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14 Cool Crafts Made With Buttons Unleash Color and Pattern

The things we often find ourselves having the most fun making are some of the simplest things that use supplies and unconventional crafting tools that we already have lying around our house! After all, it never hurts to go back to the basics of what you love, right? That’s why we’ve sort of fallen back in love with making button based crafts lately. No matter how many things we create using spare buttons, there’s just something so fun about all the possibilities in those little brightly coloured pieces that some people might not realize upon first looking at them!

Just in case you love the idea of doing awesome crafts with simply buttons as much as we always have, if not more, but still like you could use some inspiration or guidance, here are 15 awesome ideas to kick start your day with color and brightness.

1. Button bowls and trays


Are the projects you always love the finished aesthetic of the best always the ones that are very clearly homemade, such that visitors can tell they’re in a crafting home but are still always very impressed with what they see? Then we think we might have already found the perfect button based craft for you! Check out how The Whoot created these fantastic button trinket trays that are perfect for holding things like spare change, makeup brushes, or small crafting supplies that you want to keep organized but still within easy reach.

2. Button quote art


Rather than working with bending wire, have your favourite techniques always involved using your hot glue fun? We’re massive hot glue gun fans too because it’s just one more tool where the possibilities of what you can make feel endless and that’ really motivates us to try all kinds of different things. That’s why we’ve made so many versions of this fantastic button covered quote art featured on Bright Start Kids, since our personal button collection is so darn huge!

3. Fabric button rings


Perhaps within the buttons you’ve collected over time, you’ve actually managed to get a hold of some stand out pieces that are much more decorative and vintage looking or maybe covered in unique fabrics featuring fun patterns and bright colours? In that case, why not create something a little simpler that lets that one awesome button stand out a little more? That’s exactly what Happiness is Homemade did here when they made this fantastic fabric covered button ring where the button takes the place of the normal rhinestone you’d expect.

4. Vintage flower button bouquet


Do you have some darker or more neutrally coloured vintage buttons in your collection that you’d like to make something a little more delicately decorative with, but you’re still enamoured with the concept of having your craft be visibly homemade or upcycled, since you’re perpetually impressed with what old things an be transformed into? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night created this fantastic vintage buttons flower bouquet in a salt shaker “vase”!

5. Simple framed creative button art


Have you taken a look at your button collection and realized that, much like your wardrobe, you can definitely detect a pretty pastel theme there that you think might actually suit your home’s decor scheme very well indeed? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along magically with this fantastic framed button art idea outlined step by step on Torie Jayne! We love crafting ideas that let the cute charm of the unconventional material you’re using speak for itself in a pretty, simple way.

6. Button bottomed tray


Are you the kind of person who adores hosting friends and family members just about any day of the week and is always ready, with fresh coffee and tea on hand at all times, to serve them a nice drink while you catch up? Then we have a feeling you might get a total kick out of this fantastically kitschy button bottomed service tray tutorial from Melstampz! We appreciate the way they show you how to coat the bottom in resin in order to fill the cracks between the buttons so the drinks you serve will sit flat and not spill as you carry the tray.

7. Simple and cute button paperclip bookmarks


Are you actually a little bit pressed for time and resources but your kids have just gotten all their back to school supplies and they’re intent on spiffing them up with crafty details right this moment since they’re stuck inside on a rainy day and feeling excited about starting a new grade? Then perhaps you’d get along very well with these adorable little button and paper clip bookmarks outlined on I Heart Nap Time! These are a fantastic way to mark their reading chapters or last night’s homework.

8. Button pillows


Have you always loved projects that work with mixed materials, combining soft things like fabric with other things that aren’t necessarily as free form, because you’re a sucker for some good embellishing? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Just Crafty Enough made this fantastic DIY throw pillow featuring a wonderfully visual column of buttons all down the centre! We quite enjoy the way all of their buttons are the same colour and side to make a very neat, even stripe but we could also picture this project looking very cool with buttons in all different colours and sizes cascading right down the middle.

9. DIY button coasters


Perhaps you’ve always really like holding onto buttons because you think they make fantastic kids’ crafts but you’re also looking for something you can help them make now that will make a great little DIY gift for a family member or a teacher? Then we’d suggest having them use their buttons to make something simple but practical, like these adorably hexagonal button coasters outlined step by step on Morning Creativity. They’re the perfect thing for the recipient to place their coffee on at their work desk each morning.

10. Monogram button wall art


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about button covered lettering projects but you’re actually looking for something charming that will stand alone with a singular letter like a monogram, rather than a more time consuming entire quote or word? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with this pretty framed button initial instead! Get the full details for how this one was positioned, glued down, and framed on Changing My Marbles.

11. Multi-string button necklace


Are you actually such a huge fan of button crafts that you think you’d enjoy being able to include them in your personal style and accessorizing in more creative ways than just wearing a button down shirt or cardigan? Well, if statement necklaces have ever been your thing, then we think we might have found the perfect tutorial for you! Check out how My Two Butterflies braided embroidery floss and wove buttons of all different colours and sizes into the braids on different strings to make an eclectic shape.

12. Gift wrap with buttons


Are you such a DIY enthusiast to your core that you’ll hand make not only the the gifts you give your loved ones, but even the wrapping and presentation you put into those gifts as well? Then you’re our kind of crafter! To give you a hand and help you incorporate the buttons you love so much into another kind of craft you enjoy, here’s a fantastic button gift tying tutorial from Craft and Creativity that will show you how to not only fasten your gifts well, but also do so with a bit of cute charm.

13. DIY button clock


Perhaps your best crafting and DIY skills are actually rooted in sewing and stitching based projects and you’re the kind of person who could easily disappear into your sewing room, lose track of time because you got completely absorbed in creating something awesome, and emerge hours later wondering how long you’ve been in there? Then we’ve absolutely found the perfect craft for you, because if combines all the materials and techniques you enjoy and can help save you from sewing into the wee hours of the night when you should be going to bed at a decent time! Take a look at Ephieriell Designs to see how this fantastic embroidery hoop and button clock was made in just a few surprisingly simple steps.

14. Button headband


Are you still very interested indeed in the concept of being able to wear buttons outside of just the ones on your clothes, but it’s actually your kids who want button accessories and you think the multi-string necklace we showed you earlier on our list will just get caught on things and annoy them? Then maybe they’d be better off with something like this adorable little button hairband instead! Get the full crafting instructions for making your very own version on Sugar Bee Crafts.