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Relax In Style With These DIY Hammocks

Picture this: sunny day, favorite book in your hands, sipping your favorite beverage, relaxing in a comfy hammock. You probably associate this image with vacation. But what if you could bring that same feeling into your home? There’s no need to wait for vacation when you can relax in a hammock right after you come home from work or after you drop the kids off at school and the house is finally quiet!

Here are some brilliant DIY hammocks that will make you feel as if every day is a vacation!

Canvas Fabric Hammock


If you’re looking for something vast and comfy, this project is a winner. Pick a heavy canvas fabric of choice, then follow the instructions by Little Dog Vintage and soon you’ll be able to nap in one of these! As you can see, this hammock is dog-approved, so there are no doubts about it!

Trim Hammock


Who wouldn’t wish for a cozy reading nook next to the creek, or anywhere else your secret place might be? It’s important to set aside time for yourself; making and later enjoying this hammock is a perfect excuse to do so! Find the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

Backyard Hammock


This one is perfect for those who have a smaller back yard or perhaps just a terrace, because it has just enough space for you to fit into it, but it isn’t too wide. If you want this bright and beautiful hammock, go to Miss Lovie to see the how-to!

Net Hammock


Good old-fashioned net hammocks are the stuff of dreams! Thanks to Kinfolk, you can now have one of your own! Your daydreams will become a reality and funnily enough, you will be able to daydream some more in your amazing new hammock!

Summer Hammock


Are you worried about having to find the perfect fabric for your hammock project? No need! Design Sponge will show you that a simple beach towel will do just fine! This hammock will definitely capture the vibes of summer that will stay with you long after the hot season is gone!

Camping Hammock

VIEW IN GALLERYCamping Hammock

Who doesn’t love camping?! The grilled food, the sounds of nature, the tents, the minimalism … add a hammock to the mix and you get pure perfection! No need to spend money on an expensive camping hammock though, Emily Grace King has all the instructions you’ll need!

Little Hammock


This tiny hammock is so adorable your little humans won’t be able to get enough of it! You can even join them inside, but for you, it’ll be more of a hammock chair! The moments we spend with our kids are those we cherish forever, so make this cute hammock by Sew Like My Mom a part of your family bonding!

Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock


When traditional meets modern they fall in love and have a dynamic, two-toned lovechild by the name of Hammock! What happens next? Visit Design Milk and find out more about this epic love story!

Lazy Day Hammock


Something bright and gentle, for those lazy days when you don’t feel like doing anything else other than laying somewhere soft and recharging your batteries. Camille Styles has a project suited for such days and it results in a dreamy hammock!

Enough wishful thinking – let’s take fabric into our own hands and make ourselves a hammock that will instantly give us that vacation-like feeling!