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Wonderful DIY Hammock Type Baby Swing

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What kid doesn’t love a swing? A baby swings not only provides a gentle rocking motion to soothe and comfort baby , but also give moms hands-free time .

A few years ago, I often used a baby swing to rock my baby to sleep , get rest and peace . Both of us enjoyed it .I remember one of my friends sent a baby swing to us after my daughter was born , that’s my first one . My daughter slept very quickly on it with rocking slowly . However, it did suit us no longer because my daughter growing up , so we have to go to the park for swinging . I have never thought I can make my own swing until I saw this idea today .This project looks very easy to make.

What you will need:

1 inch oak dowels
25 ft nylon/poly blend braided 5/16″ rope
Steel rings
steel carabiner
rope crimps
about 1 yard of outdoor canvas
Some tools: sewing machine, hammer, pliers, saw, drill press
Sturdy tree branch

Please check the link below for the full tutorial by Onesassyhousewife, and create a baby swing with your favorite pattern. This handmade baby swing is also a nice gift for baby shower, you will be proud of yourself for this DIY !

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