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Sun, Sand and Style: DIY Bikinis for Summer

Treating yourself to a new bathing suit is a super fun way to kick off your summer. What happens, though, if you can’t find a suit in the style you really want? That’s where your DIY skills save the day once more! A few simple alterations can transform any bikini into one you’ll be excited to rock on the beach all summer long.

Check out these great DIY bikini solutions!

1. Triangle cut outs bikini

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle cut outs bikini

(Source: Gold Fish kiss)

Carefully mapping out, cutting out, and sealing the edges of some triangle shapes in a bikini top is a great way to jazz up one that is plain or solidly coloured.

2. Fringe bandeau top

VIEW IN GALLERYFringe bandeau top

(Source: Runway DIY)

If you’re looking for a top that’s more about funky style and less about swim-ability, try sewing a length of fringe along the top edge of a bandeau top to create an awesomely visual bikini top.

3. Total DIY design


(Source: Teen Vogue)

White bikinis make a great blank canvas for any design you like! Grab some sharpies or permanent fabric markers and get drawing. Add a bit of fringe if you’re feeling extra fancy!

4. Elastic bunch bikini

VIEW IN GALLERYElastic bunch bikini

(Source: Make My Lemonade)

If you’re a sewer then this totally DIY bikini will be no problem at all for you! We love the way the elastic makes the edges bunch up like a cute little ruffle. The instructions are in French, but Google translate will take care of that for you!

5. DIY Mono-kini


(Source: Buzzfeed)

Mono-kinis are great for showing off your beach bod too! Turn an old one-piece suit into something a little more stylish.

6. Tie-front bikini

VIEW IN GALLERYChic Tie-front bikini

(Source: One Avian Daemon)

Between the cute halter tie at the back and the dainty little tie at the front, this bikini is nothing short of sweet in style.

7. Scalloped edge bikini top

VIEW IN GALLERYScalloped edge bikini

(Source: Lions, Tigers, and Fashion, Oh My)

What’s better than being able to recreate brand name fashions all by yourself? Avoid high prices by altering a simpler, more affordable top instead.

8. Tee-kini


(Source: The Jungalow)

This tutorial helps you take care of to things at once by making your own bikini out of an older t-shirt! Upcycling to create new things is always best.

9. Dyed ombre


(Source: Jennuine)

Fabric dye will let you easily create a pretty ombre effect on a light coloured bathing suit. Take it from bland to bright!

10. Puckered bottoms

VIEW IN GALLERYPuckered bottoms

(Source: Bits, Bites, and Mishmash)

Do you love the look of a puckered bikini bottom? Rather than trying to find a new set to buy, you can just transform a pair you already have in a few easy steps!

11. Twisted triangle top

VIEW IN GALLERYTwisted triangle top

(Source: Goldfish Kiss)

If you’re anything like us, you have a bigger collection of simple triangle bikini tops than you even know what to do with. This simple twist (literally) on the style is an awesome way to transform them into something more updated.

12. Three-band bikini back

VIEW IN GALLERYthree-band bikini back

(Source: What I Do)

Three neon straps around the back is an awesome look for the beach, and it’ll give you some really neat tan lines! This tutorial is actually for a bra, but it’s easy to do to a bathing suit top as well.

13. Crocheted flower bikini top

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted flower bikini top

(Source: Buzzfeed)

Corcheters rejoice! There’s an easy bikini alteration option for you too. You could crochet and entire bikini, but affixing some crocheted flowers to a pre-made bikini is a more low-maintenance way to incorporate your favourite hobby into your look.

14. Bikini to tankini

VIEW IN GALLERYBikini to tankini

(Source: Over the Big Moon)

Sometimes a bikini just isn’t the style of bathing suit you want anymore! This tutorial shows you how to transform one of your old ones into a tank top bathing suit instead.

15. High waisted bottoms

VIEW IN GALLERYHigh waisted bottoms

(Source: Lady Maple)

These super stylish high waisted bottoms are a great way to repurpose pieces of a vintage on-piece bathing suit in a more modern way.

Have you created other DIY bathing suit styles that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did them or link us to pictures in the comment section!