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8 Fantastic Princess Hairstyles for Your Sweetie

VIEW IN GALLERYCute-Princess-Hairstyle-For-Long-Hair-wonderfuldiy

Here is a perfect hairstyle for long hair. It looks pretty and neat . You can finish it in just 10 minutes .

For making this princess hairstyle ,  first get a small part at the front of the head and comb the remaining hair down straight. Then create three regular three-strand braids at each side, and join them at the back of the head with elastic bands. You can decorate it with a flower or hair clip . Please click the link below for the full tutorial .

Princesspiggies — Princess hairstyle tutorial

For long hair, you can also make this ponytail hairstyle. It’s pretty and easy.  Just adding a little extra twist, a regular ponytail can become more fancy and formal.

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-To-Do-A-Fancy-Ponytail-wonderfuldiy

Click here for the ponytail hairstyle video tutoiral

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Cute-Hairstyle-For-Little-Girl

For making this heart angel hairstyle, start with creating an off-centered par on the top of the head and having the part go back to the crown of the head and then stop. Then you create a half-French braid on each side of the part. Lastly create a regular three strand braid out of a new pony tail and comb the rest of the hair straight down. Join the two half-French braids and the Three-strand braid together and secure with and elastic band to complete this hairstyle. Keep reading more detailed tutorial for cute hairstyle for little girl from Princess Piggies.

VIEW IN GALLERYCute-Seven-strand-Braid-Hairstyle

This cute seven-strand braid hairstyle is a perfect one for medium to long hair girls.

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-To-Do-Cute-Flower-HairstylePretty flower hairstyle via Princess Piggies

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-To-Do-Lovely-Ponytail-Bun

lovely ponytail bun via  Princess Piggies

VIEW IN GALLERYmermaid heart braid hairstyle-wonderfuldiy

Mermaid heart hairstyle  tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYWaterfall-Braid-wonderful DIY

Waterfall braid hairstyle (Video) — Check here