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Wonderful DIY Funny Rainbow Bubble Snake

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With spring all around us and summer soon to follow, now is the time to think about family activities that will bring everyone together on a hot, summer afternoon. And there are few better ways to have an evening of crazy fun than to surround yourself with bubbles in all sizes and shapes. If your little ones around, then the project will end up being way more amazing and messy, but it works for everyone that is a kid at heart! So, put away your woes and surround yourself with this filmy, rainbow delights.

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We start off with the unique and super-easy ‘Rainbow Bubble Snakes’ that takes barely any time to come up with. Everything you need for this can be found around your home and within just minutes you will have an uber-cool activity that will see your kids spend many summer afternoons enjoying.

Here is what you need:

  • An Old Bottle
  • Clean Socks (Harder to find than you think!)
  • Tape / Rubber Band
  • Soap / Dishwasher
  • Food Color

Just cut out the bottle and cover one end with the sock. Take it up or use a rubber band to make sure it holds. Fill the bottle with dish wash soap and dip the sock end in it as well. Add some food color on top and blow away. Simple as that!

Rainbow Bubble Snake Tutorial via ‘Housing a Forest’

The Monster Bubble

VIEW IN GALLERYGinormous-Bubbles-wonderfuldiy Have you seen these before on TV and tried and failed at home? Well, here is a way to bring those freakishly giant bubbles into your backyard and this does take a few ingredients that are harder to find. Not all of us would have heard of stuff like J-Lube before, but stick to the awesome recipe and you will not be disappointed.

What You Need:

  • Dish Soap
  • Glycerin
  • J-Lube
  • Baking powder
  • Cotton yarn
  • Wooden Dowels

You can head over to Our Best Bites for a detailed look at how to unleash some humongous bubble awesomeness!

Ginormous Bubbles  Tutorial from ‘Our Best Bites’

Gooey Reusable Bubbles

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This one involves the exact quantities of Sta-Flo Liquid Starch and Elmer’s Clear School Glue along with proper mixing and the right concentration of ingredients. But making these super-gooey, unique and reusable bubbles is way easier than it sounds. Head over to Two-Daloo for a step-by-step guide .

  Reusable Bubbles Tutorial from ‘Two Daloo’

Its colorful, delightful and absolutely beautiful even! (That phrase might be inspired by Jackie from Seinfeld) So get started with your first batch of slime and soon you will be lost in the world of rubbery bubbles.

So, what is your favorite Bubble style?

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Homemade rainbow slime — Check here