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Captivating Kirigami Ten-Sided Globe Gift Box

To look at this incredibly striking ten-sided globe gift box, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the work of a master craftsman. Actually quite the opposite is true – it’s an amazingly simple DIY craft project that you and the kids could try your hand at right now!

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All you’ll need to make this amazing kirigami creation is a few sheets of colored paper and the free guide (Note: it’s a link to a PDF). It’s all about creating these uniquely shaped strips, which once assembled with create an eye-popping colorful effect that’s guarantee to brighten up any room! Choose a single color, interspace one color with a second of your choosing or go wild with and many wonderful colors as you like! As you can see here, no matter what you do the results will be outstanding!

Kirigami Gift Box Template

Along with a free video to guide you through every step of the process, we’ve also included the outline of the template you’ll need to make your own ten-sided globe. You can experiment with as many different sizes as you like and any added decorative touches you’d like to apply at the end – it’s your project, so be as creative as you like!

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(Project by The Fitful Flog)

Aside from the scissors you’ll need to cut the paper, there are no other tools or provisions involved making this a perfect project to get stuck into with the kids! And you can rest assured that once they’ve come up with their very first ten-sided globe, chances are they won’t want to stop until they’ve filled their whole room with them!

We love kirigami and have pulled together this wide range of inspiring ideas and patterns from all over the web. From greetings cards to decorative ornaments and so much more, you won’t believe what’s possible with just a few sheets of paper and a little creativity!

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Kirigami Box [VIDEO Tutorial]

YouTube video