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Wonderful DIY Cat Tent/Bed From Old Shirt

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How easy to make a cat tent from old shirt in 3 easy steps. No sewing machine,No cutting.All interested can stir up a bit in the closet. I am sure there’s an old T shirt just waiting to be reused. So, let’s DIY !

Pliers to take the hangers apart
Tape to attach hangers at the top
Metal wire to put all the construction together (be sure to
secure the sharp ends of hangers with the tape

Supplies / ingredients:
Old T-shirt
2 Coat hangers
Cardboard to put underneath the pillow

1. Put all supplies and tools on the floor and prepare the space for your work.
2. Take the hangers apart with pliers and shape them as shown on the above picture, using a tape on the top (wide enough to put the pillow and the cardboard inside)
3. Strech your t-shirt on the construction leaving sleeves loose for additional entrances or tie them at the back of a tent. Here it is. The easiest house for cats ever!

With Recycled old T-shirt, you can make a cat bed too, wonderful !
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