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Wonderful DIY Braided Bun Hairstyle With Clip

VIEW IN GALLERYbraided-flower-bun hairstyle1 VIEW IN GALLERYbraided-flower-bun hairstyle2Easy updo hairstyle for long hair braided flower bun, it’s so pretty !

Make a high ponytail with cheap human hair extensions first if your hair is not long or thick enough. Divide it into three even parts and braid each section with patience. There is nothing special, just keep on braiding. But one point here is you should gently pull the hair at the very edge of the braid outward. Lilith Moon suggests that we twist each section of our hair so that the longest hair is on the outer side of the braid. Secure the braid at the end of it with an elastic cord. Follow the steps and finish the braid of the rest two sections. After you finish, “wrap each braid around the base of the ponytail directing its volumized side outward” and use a bobby pin to secure it. The second and third braids are similar to the first one. Hide the ends of the braids by folding them or tucking them under a thick braid. Tuck any naughty strands of hair back into your braid and secure them with bobby pins and/or hairspray.