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Fancy 45-Minutes DIY Arm Knitted Blanket

Would you believe it was possible to knit an amazing homemade blanket in less than an hour? How about just 45 minutes? We didn’t believe it either – until we had a go for ourselves and found out it’s as true as true can be!

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If you’ve never tried you hand at arm knitting, well…let’s just say you’re overdue a treat! As the name suggests, it’s a unique take on knitting where the conventional tools you might use are in fact replaced with your own arms. There’s a bit more to it than that of course, but in terms of picking up the basics and getting going, just give yourself a single hour and you’ll be well on your way to creating something marvelous!

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The Awesome Art of Arm Knitting

We chose to share this particular tutorial with you not only because it’s free, but also because it’s perfect for picking up the basics. You’ll whip up this 45-minute blanket faster than you ever thought possible, after which you’ll be able to use the same technique to make so many other wonderful knitted creations!

From baby blankets to bedspreads to scarfs and so many more, there are hundreds of craft projects that open up the moment you nail those all-important arm-knitting basics. There’s no gift that says more than a handmade gift created with genuine care and love – even if it did only take you 45 minutes to put together!

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And as it’s so easy, so fun and so safe to have a go at, why not get all the family involved in helping you out? Family craft projects are always the very best types of craft projects – especially when the results are as awesome as these!

Why not combine this simple arm knitting project with one or two of our other crochet ideas? From daisies to butterflies and so much more, we’ve got everything you’ll ever need to create something genuinely beautiful.

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You can make a giant blanket simply using PVC pipes. It’s so funny too ~

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