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10 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards That Say You Care!

It’s that time of the year again when the world celebrates love! With that celebration come overpriced chocolates, teddy bears and greeting cards! Whether you’re big on Valentine’s gifts or not – show your chosen person how special they are to you by investing your time into making them a personal card that will remind them of your love for years to come! Because we want you to surprise your loved one with something really special and unique, we have rounded up 11 DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day cards!

1. Sequin Embellished V-Day Card


Let your card shine as much as your love! This idea by Miss Kris is so quick and simple there is absolutely no excuse to pass it up for a store-bought card instead! You can even give it to a friend or a family member and brighten up their Valentine’s Day, too!

2. Pop-Up Card


A surprise within a surprise, brought to you by Skip To My Lou! Pop-up cards are always so much fun! They’re creative, unique, storytelling and just overall special!

3. Cupcake Liners Card


To say it as cheesy as we possibly can: choose this cupcake theme for your special cupcake! Do however make sure that you have some actual cupcakes at hand, because after they see this card, they will probably start craving them (and you will get bonus points for foretelling their wishes)! Head over to Urban Comfort to see the tutorial!

4. Falling Hearts

VIEW IN GALLERYFalling hearts

For the one that makes your heart fall, leap, jump, go out of control! Sprinkle your love for them absolutely everywhere, but start with this card! See Lawnscaping Challenges for more details!

5. 3D Hearts


Pick this one to show them how your heart almost jumps out of your chest when you’re with them. ICreativeIdeas tells you how to make it in just a few short steps! The card may be quick to make, but its message will last a lifetime!

6. Confetti Card


This Valentine’s Day card is filled with confetti and it looks stunning! Confetti are always linked to celebrating and love itself should definitely be celebrated like the biggest holiday of the year! Everybody’s heart just wants to be loved; once you find that love, throw some confetti in the air, the rest in a Valentine’s Day card and then dance around the room celebrating! The Creative Place helps you with the card part!

7. Pipe Cleaners Card


Another heart-shaped heart, because you really can’t escape them this month, can you?! This is a totally classic, cheesy card and truth be told, sometimes they work best! If you love all-things-pink-and-lovey-dovey, head over to Wallmart Live Better and see the instructions!

8. Twirly Heart Mobile Card


If they spin ‘round both your head and your heart, you must go with this Valentine’s card! Find the how-to at Crea Bea Cards! It also makes for a great last-minute card, if you’re not too good with remembering important dates!

9. Scratch-Off Valentine


Sometimes looking for love is like playing the lottery. Show your sweetheart that they are your winning ticket, your absolute jackpot, your highest prize! Instructables gives you a detailed tutorial for easily one of the most creative V-Day cards out there!

10. Chain Card


This card is so cool it’s probably a gift in and of itself! There is nothing better than to hear somebody loves you more than red wine and Alyssa & Carla show you how you can do that for your darling one on this Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air every day, but February will always be that special month of the year when we consciously appreciate everything our loved ones give us every day. Have the most magical Valentine’s Day with the one you hold dearest to your heart!