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Pretty and Chic: 15 Manicures that Embrace Pink Panache

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time for bright manicures! One of the best way to embrace summertime when it comes to your nails is to feature shades of pink.

Check out these awesomely creative manicures for the pink-lover in you!

1. Pink French manicure

VIEW IN GALLERYPink French manicure

(Source: Pinterest)

Try combining a light pink base with a dark pink edge for a cute pink French manicure look.

2. Pink with a glitter accent

VIEW IN GALLERYPink with a glitter accent

(Source: Trusper)

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of plain pink, but you can liven things up a bit with an accent nail. Glitter makes everything better!

3. Pink French diagonal manicure

VIEW IN GALLERYPink French diagonal manicure

(Source: Sonalicious)

Are you looking for something a little more unique than just a standard French manicure? Try this diagonal style instead!

4. Neon pink to white sponge gradient

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon pink to white sponge gradient

(Source: The Daily Varnish)

Applying colour with a sponge on top of a white coat is a great way to create a textured look rather than a smooth one.

5. Neon pink and orange with water marbling

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon pink and orange with water marbling

(Source: Cuded)

Neon pink and orange makes for an awesomely colourful combination! Try splattering the two onto a white background and water marbling an accent nail for the ultimate summer fun look.

6. Pink to blue ombre

VIEW IN GALLERYPink to blue ombre

(Source: Style Samba)

Blue and pink look delicious together, like a big bag of cotton candy. Use a sponge or an air brush to layer the two.

7. Light pink with black lace decals

VIEW IN GALLERYLight pink with black lace decals

(Source: Idea Stand)

Decals are an awesome tool when it comes to customizing nails! Black lace decals over a super light pink looks delicate and pretty.

8. Pink with a polka dot heart accent

VIEW IN GALLERYPink with a polka dot heart accent

(Source: Wedding Party)

Polka dots are always cute, but they’re especially neat looking shaped like a heart. Accompany them with a soft pink!

9. Pink and gold stiletto nails with a bow

VIEW IN GALLERYPink and gold stiletto nails with a bow

(Source: Nail Art Designs)

Nothing looks as awesome with pointy stiletto nails as a hot pink shade! Add some glitter and bows and you’re set for glamour.

10. Pin with glitter beds

VIEW IN GALLERYPin with glitter beds

(Source: Paulina’s Passions)

Solid pink is cute, but it’s even cuter with an angular glitter nail bed.

11. Pink with opalescent gems

VIEW IN GALLERYPink with opalescent gems

(Source: Beauty Judy)

What’s the best way to glam up literally any colour? Rhinestones, of course! Opalescent ones look especially cute with a soft pink.

12. Pink with pink glitter tips

VIEW IN GALLERYPink with pink glitter tips

(Source: Styles Weekly)

We’re not opposed to layering pink over more pink! Try glitter over a solid pink to create a bit of contrast.

13. Pink with silver borders 

VIEW IN GALLERYPink with silver borders

(Source: Love Maegan)

Hot pink in the middle draws the eye to your nails while a shiny silver border makes it unique.

14. Pastel pink galaxy nails

VIEW IN GALLERYPastel pink galaxy nails

(Source: Lucy’s Stash)

Galaxy print everything is trendy right now, so why not fit that into your love of pink? Sponge techniques and dotting pale pink and white will create an adorable pink galaxy right on your nails.

15. Artsy pink shade nails

VIEW IN GALLERYArtsy pink shade nails

(Source: Allie’s Blog)

Do you just wish you could have all the styles at once? Go for it! You can never have too much pink.