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Patchwork Chairs and Stools to Make

If you have an old chair or stool, then you can easily renovate them into something new simply by using some fabric to revamp their look. If you have a weekend free, this will make a great project that will produce amazing results when you are all done. So get your creativity flowing as you decide which chair you’ll be upcycling this weekend to give your home a refreshed, new look.

1. Patchwork Stool

VIEW IN GALLERYPatchwork Stool

Do you have a stool at home that could do with some revamping? Well this simple to do project by Amelia is the perfect introduction to upgrading your furniture without breaking the bank to do so, while adding some colour to your home in an easy way.

2. Patchwork Armchair

VIEW IN GALLERYPatchwork Armchair

This amazing patchwork armchair from Design Sponge looks super comfy to sit on and is sure to be a lot of fun to make. Why not give your home a retro feel with this creation that will look great in any room.

3. Patchwork Chair Cover

VIEW IN GALLERYPatchwork Chair Cover

If your chair covers are looking a bit worse for wear, you can simply upgrade these to give your chairs a new look. This way is much more cost efficient instead of going out and buying a new set of four chairs. For some inspiration, check out Inspiration DIY.

4. Beginner Patchwork Chair Cover

VIEW IN GALLERYBeginner Patchwork Chair Cover

If you’re new to creating your own patchwork designs, then this creation from Tori Storis is the perfect beginners design to start with. This design is made simple with the easy to follow step-by-step instructions that are on offer. Completely transform an old chair into this amazing creation that is sure to make an instant impression on those who see it.

5. Cheerful Bar Stools

VIEW IN GALLERYCheerful Bar Stools

If you’re searching for a way in which you can brighten up your kitchen, why not consider upgrading the way your bar stools look. This is what Nat and Gang have done, which has totally transformed the way in which the bar stools look. With the use of patchwork designs you can make your kitchen fun again.

6. Patchwork Cover

VIEW IN GALLERYPatchwork Cover

Give your favourite vanity chair an instant makeover with this creation from Hat Ideas. All it takes is a few pieces of brightly coloured fabric positioned in your own way to create your own replicate of this chair cover.

7. Beautiful Patchwork Chair

VIEW IN GALLERYBeautiful Patchwork Chair

When it comes to sitting somewhere this patchwork chair by Curbly has gone above and beyond expectations and produced a beautifully crafted chair that will be lovely to sit on. Who would have thought that it would be possible to produce a majestic style chair from a simple bit of fabric? This design is sure to get many compliments the next time your friends and family see your finished product where you can glow in the praise you receive from your accomplishments.