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Yarn Projects Besides Knitting and Crochet

Okay, we’ll just come right out and say it: we’re huge fans of knitting and crochet. In fact, we’re such avid yarn crafting enthusiasts that we actually own an entire shelf of 12 cubbies and we’re not afraid to admit that every single one of those cubbies is filled to the point of bursting with yarn of all weights, colours, and blends. Perhaps that thing we love best about working with yarn, however, is that knitting and crochet aren’t the only things you can do with yarn to make awesome things that you can both wear and use.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY yarn projects that are made using crafting skills besides knitting and crochet!

1. Yarn woven paper clip earrings


Do you have a very thin yarn in a very small quantity left over from something you’ve already made, but it’s such a pretty colour that you just don’t have the heart to throw it out even though it’s too short to really make anything from? Well, With one Hand Waving Free is here to save your day! Try wrapping your little length of yarn around the frame of a pair of earrings. You could do this to pre-made earrings, but we prefer their paper clip earring idea because the you’ve made the whole set from scratch yourself, meaning you an customize them completely.

2. Felted yarn ball frames


Are you the kind of crafting and DIY enthusiasts who is so incredibly proud of your skills and in love with your hobbies that you like making yourself décor that helps to show your house guests exactly what you love doing as soon as they’ve entered your home? Then we think you might enjoy this awesome framed yarn ball idea from On My Honor! It’s unique, mod looking, and a great way to use up a ball of yarn that was a blend you didn’t particularly enjoy or found too itchy to wear. You could try a monochromatic white look like this one for a minimalist effect or use as many bright colours as you can get your hands on to really catch peoples’ eyes!

3. Yarn wrapped silverware


Are you the kind of crafty dinner host who just can’t help putting your all into preparing a meal to the point that even the space around the meal is made by you, with love? We don’t blame you! We’re guilty of creating dramatic DIY tablescapes too. The only thing we’ve never made ourselves is cutlery or silverware, but Heart Handmade is here to show you how to at least customize what you already have so it matches your colour scheme and the rest of the meal’s décor. Wrap yarn around the handles of the cutlery from just under the base of the part you’ll use to eat, all the way to the tip.

4. Yarn wrapped mini pumpkins


Do you adore decorating with pumpkins but you feel like changing them up a little bit this year? We’ve always had a soft spot for cute mini pumpkins because they make automatic, easy, and stylish décor, but sometimes it’s nice to put a twist on things. Those tiny pumpkins aren’t exactly the easiest things to carve, though so Momtastic got creative with yarn instead! Check out their tutorial for entirely yarn wrapping a little pumpkin.

5. Colour blocked driftwood


Have you always loved unique, brightly coloured art that not only draws the eyes of your visitors but actually holds their attention? One of our favourite ways to achieve that look is to combine loud jewel tones with natural fibres to create an intriguing contrast. That’s why we fell so in love with these yarn wrapped pieces of driftwood from I Love to Create! Make a collage of them on your wall or fill a large floor vase with them. We love that no two sticks look the same!

6. Yarn tassel necklace


Whenever we finished a knitted or crocheted project, we actually have to make a concerted effort to stop ourselves from adding tassels at the end every single time. What can we say? We just love tassels! They’re fun to make, they’re fun to look at, and they’re fun to get creative with in unconventional ways. We love this particular idea from On My Honor for making a DIY chain necklace but softening the edginess of the look by adding brightly coloured yarn tassels on the end.

7. Yarn wrapped photo clothes hangers


Using clothes pins to clip printed photos to clothes hangers might not sound like the most glamorous photo display around, but it’s actually one of our favourites because it makes it so easy to swap pictures out when we take new ones or feel like we’re missing a particular friend or family member. We also like that the laundry references really make the place feel homey. Rather than letting the cold wire of the hanger stay exposed, however, try yarn wrapping it in a bright colour, just like Leona Lane did here!

8. Yarn embroidered office desk organizers


Just because you didn’t make something from scratch yourself doesn’t mean you can’t make it into a yarn craft now that you’ve got your crafty little hands on it! We adore the idea of using yarn to embellish all kinds of things and add a little bit of personality to our everyday supplies, especially if it means livening up our office space. Check out how Camille Styles used embroidering techniques similar to cross stitching to create a cute brightly coloured chevron pattern in latticed desk organizers.

9. Yarn wrapped block letters


Whether you make your own block letters or buy them from the dollar store or your local crafting store, they’re an absolute classic when it comes to DIY projects. They’re one of those versatile things that you can customize in so many ways! We’re particularly fond of the idea of yarn wrapping the letters, just like My Sister’s Suitcase did here. Their tutorial shows you how it’s done in great detail.

10. Mini pom pom bookmarks


Have you been looking for an easy but productive way to teach your kids about pom pom making that will help them feel like they actually accomplished something, rather than just having them waste yarn while they practice? Then we definitely think you need to see these awesome but super simple pom pom bookmarks by Design Mom! These make great little gifts for friends and family members who love to read.

11. Yarn wrapped tin can candles holder


Are you so in love with the idea of yarn wrapping that you’re still on the prowl for even more things to wrap in a warm, fuzzy layer of colour just to brighten up your day a little? Then here’s one that’ll take you no time at all! In fact, it’s so easy that your kids can help you do it or try one of their own. See how Garden Therapy yarn wrapped a tin can in order to upcycle it into a pencil holder rather than throwing it out and letting it go to waste.

12. Colourful hair braiding


Do you have just a few strands of your very favourite yarn left and, even though you’ve knit yourself sweaters out of it before, you love it so much that you’re always looking for new ways to wear it? Here’s a unique idea that will help you preserve even short yarn ends so they don’t go to complete waste! A Beautiful Mess suggests braiding strands of differently coloured yarn right into your hair to give your style a little extra personality for the day.

13. Yarn wrapped lampshades


Okay, we know we might be on the verge of needing a yarn wrapping intervention, but this lampshade idea from The Pleated Poppy is so cool that we just couldn’t resist! We love the way they chose to not only stripe their colours, but also alternate strands a few inches before the end of one coloured section so the shades kind of fade into each other like an ombre, rather than being separated by harsh lines like colour blocking would feature.

14. Thick braided yarn scarf


Perhaps you’re not actually any good at knitting and crocheting but you’ve stumbled across a yarn in a crafting store that’s so incredibly stunning that you just can’t resist buying it, so now you’re looking for an easy no-knit project that will help you showcase its colour variegation in all its glory? Then we have a feeling you’re about to fall in love with this braided scarf featured on Pinterest! You’ll be surprised at how simple the technique is; if you’ve ever braided hair, then you’re more than prepared.

15. Creative yarn gift wrapping


Do you have a friend or family member’s birthday coming up and you don’t have any gift wrap left right now but you’d still like to make their gifts look presentable and fun? Then grab your spare yarn ends and get tying! More Last Minute Knitted Gifts guides you through the process of yarn wrapping gifts in such a pretty way that even your non-crafting friends will appreciate the beauty and versatility of yarn when they see their present.

Do you have another favourite no-knit yarn projects that you love doing but you don’t see anything similar on our list? Tell us how it’s done or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!