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Natural DIY Perfume Alternatives that Everyone Can Enjoy

Perfume is a wonderful thing. It gives you confidence and lifts your spirits through scent. Many commercially branded perfumes, however, are very strong and contain ingredients that trigger allergies. In fact, some workplace don’t allow their employees to wear perfume. You might also see warning signs about over-perfuming on buses and in stores.

DIY perfumes made from natural oils are a great way to keep yourself smelling nice without bothering the people around you! Check out these gentle, aromatic perfume recipes.

Solid perfume with shimmer

VIEW IN GALLERYSolid perfume with shimmer

Hello Glow shoes you how to make a perfectly purse-sized solid perfume that lets you apply very small amounts at a time. Bonus tip: add a little body shimmer powder or eye shadow to the mixture for some subtle glamour!

Essential oil roll on

VIEW IN GALLERYEssetial oil roll on

Some people dislike the feeling of solid perfumes but aren’t permitted to use sprays. Try creating a roll on made of natural essential oils instead! Check out the recipe on Little Monster.

Homemade jasmine perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade jasmine perfume

Oh The Lovely Things shows you the steps for creating a calming jasmine scented perfume using- we never would have guessed it- vodka!

Solid perfume locket

VIEW IN GALLERYsolid perfume locket

Crafts Unleashed teaches you hot to make your natural solid perfume into a stylish aspect of your outfit!

DIY citrus perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY citrus perfume

This tutorial from A Nest For All Seasons shows you the basic recipe for making any natural perfume, but it also gives you the ingredients for creating a delicious citrus scent from tangerine, grapefruit, and rosemary oils!

Perfumed body powder

VIEW IN GALLERYPerfumed body powder

Beautylish shows you how to create a subtly sweet smelling body powder using your favourite essential oils. In fact, the powder is so much gentler than concentrated spray that you can even do it with your favourite regular perfume!

DIY lavender lemonade body spray

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY lavender body spray

Not all sprays are concentrated and overly strong. This lavender lemonade body spray recipe from Hello Glow shows you how to create a scent that is natural and subtle but still gorgeous.

Vanilla close DIY body oil sprat

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla clove DIY body oil spray

This recipe from Hello Glow is the perfect alternative for people who like scented sprays but don’t want the floral tones in the lavender spray we just listed. Try vanilla cloves instead!

Loveswept solid perfume lotion bar

VIEW IN GALLERYLoveswept solid perfume lotion bar

Natural oils make for the perfect scented moisturizers. The smell is subtle enough that you can reapply like lotion without overpowering anyone! Check out the recipe on Hello Glow.

Sandalwood and vanilla solid perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYSandalwood and vanilla solid perfume

If you prefer perfumes with a sweet and spicy contrast, this solid sandalwood and vanilla recipe from Mommypotamus is the one for you!

Lavender solid perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYLavender solid perfume

Some people find solid perfumes made with coconut or olive oil just a touch too greasy. Try Mother Earth Living‘s recipe for almond oil lavender perfume instead!

Clean olive oil solid perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYClean olive oil solid perfume

Are you allergic to nuts? Then almond oil is out! Olive oil is a great alternative as long as you add it in the right proportions. Sincerely, Kinsey has it all worked out for you!

Citrus sunshine perfume

VIEW IN GALLERYCitrus sunshine perfume

This citrus sunshine perfume is the perfect blend of fragrant and gentle. It’s made with jojoba oil and has a hint of peppermint to really contrast the different tones. Check out the recipe on Hello Glow.

Homemade perfumed vanilla oil

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade perfumed vanilla oil

Vanilla is the kind of natural scent that will keep on giving all day long. Particularly if you dab a bit of this oil just behind your ears and on your wrists, Jillian in Italy‘s recipe will keep you fresh all day.

Coconut body oil

VIEW IN GALLERYNaturally scented coconut body oil

Creating a lovely smelling body oil rather than an actual perfume has several benefits! The scent is subtle enough to be reapplied, and this recipe from Hello Glow has natural SPF to protect you from the sun!

Have you made other DIY perfume alternatives that you don’t see here? Share your recipe with us in the comments section!