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Citrus Zest: 15 Delicious Recipes for Lime Enthusiasts

Have you ever tried a dish that was so full of flavourful citrus freshness that you couldn’t stop marveling at it, but something about it just didn’t quite taste like a regular lemon to you? Then you were probably enjoying the delicious sensation of limes instead! We’ll always love lemon chicken and lemony freshness in baking, but when it comes to a bright tasting entree, we’d actually prefer lime almost every time.

Check out these 15 delicious lime recipes that will make your taste buds jump for joy!

1. Grilled key lime chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYGrilled key lime chicken

We just mentioned lemon chicken, which is a classic dish that we’ll never pass up, but we were pretty darn excited when we stumbled across this lime version of the recipe instead, just to change things up a little! The Recipe Critic shows you how to flavour grilled chicken and vegetables with the juice from fresh key limes.

2. Key lime shrimp and scallops

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime shrimp and scallops

Does the delicious grilled chicken and key lime recipe above intrigue you but you feel as though you’d like it even more if it were made with seafood instead? Then make it happen! We’re in love with this lime grilled shrimp and scallop recipe from Foto Cuisine and we love that it’s just as healthy as it is flavourful.

3. Creamy key lime chicken enchiladas

VIEW IN GALLERYCreamy key lime chicken enchiladas

As if chicken enchiladas aren’t a delicious enough meal already, Betty Crocker has put a fresh new spin on the meat preparation process that gives every bite an even zestier kick than usual. They’ve added lime! The citrus flavour is the perfect complementary flavour for a little bit of hot sauce.

4. Key lime grilled chicken taco skewers

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime grilled chicken taco skewers

What if you want to make the key lime grilled chicken we talked about earlier but you’re hosting a barbecue where people will probably be walking around socializing rather than sitting down to eat with a fork and knife? Then adapt that recipe into a portable kebab, just like Whitney Bond did here!

5. Key lime pie tartlets

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime pie tartlets

We’re huge pie fans and we’re convinced there’s a place for pie at any dinner or event you host, no matter the occasion. We also know, however, that people are less likely to eat the dessert if they feel like the portion is too big and will make them feel too full after they’ve already eaten a full meal. Instead of making a big pie that needs slicing, try making these deliciously fresh key lime pie tartlets by Gimme Some Oven instead!

6. Key lime bundt cake

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime bundt cake

Maybe you love the taste of key lime in baked goods but pies aren’t really your thing? Flakiness isn’t for everyone. Instead, try this moist, delicious bundt cake recipe from The 36th Avenue. Besides being an awesome textured cake, this recipe shows you how to make a fresh tasting glazeto drizzle on top that will give you all the key lime taste you could wish for.

7. Easy lime cake with key lime frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy lime cake with key lime frosting

Maybe a lime flavoured glaze isn’t quite enough fresh taste for you and you want to incorporate lime in every aspect of the dessert? Then this lime cake with lime icing might be a little bit more your speed! Call Me PMC guides you through the process of making a cake that’s so lime filled it’s even green in colour.

8. Macadamia nut key lime pie

VIEW IN GALLERYMacadamia nut key lime pie

Do you love a good key lime pie but you also really enjoy putting subtly unique twists on your favourite dishes every once in a while? Then you should probably check out how The Recipe Critic added a delicious crunch to their key lime pie by topping with with macadamia nuts! Besides the satisfying crunch, this recipe gives you a little extra flavour with every bite.

9. Chocolate covered key lime pie

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate covered key lime pie

The rest taste of lime is always welcome on our table, especially when it comes to cake, but there’s one thing that rivals our love for lime pretty hard: our love for chocolate! Instead of choosing between the two, however, So, How’s It Taste? suggests combining them by- you’re hardy going to believe this- dipping your entire slide of key lime pie in molten chocolate!

10. Key lime ice cream with graham cracker and pistachio crumb topping

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime ice cream with graham cracker and pistachio crumb topping

Maybe you love key lime pie so much that you’d happily eat just about any dessert that tastes like it too? Then, on a hot day, we think you’ll really appreciate knowing about this homemade key lime ice cream recipe from A Family Feast! To make it even more delicious, they’ve topped it with pistachio pieces for a bit of crunch.

11. Key lime pie popsicles

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime pie popsicles

You’re probably starting to notice a pattern on our site when it comes to novelty combination recipes- we adore them! That’s why things like Spoonful of Flavour‘s attempts to turn key lime pie into a cool summertime treat are right up our alley! Besides harnessing the delicious lime flavour in a popsicle, they’ve dusted each one with crumbled graham cracker to really make it taste like the pie.

12. Key lime pie fudge

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime pie fudge

Is your absolute favourite treat, no matter how many other delicious things you make yourself, always fudge of any kind? Then why not make a version of your favourite treat that just tastes like something else you like in order to perfectly blend the two? Recipe Girl manages just that in this rich but fresh tasting homemade key lime fudge recipe.

13. Key lime macaroons

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime macaroons

Not to be confused with fragile but adorable pastel macarons, these delicious coconut macaroons are flaky and fresh, especially since Dessert Now, Dinner Later added more than just a hint of fragrant key lime to their concoction! We’re grateful for this cheerful, fruity tasting dessert combination no matter what time of year it is, because we’re always fine with a treat option that reminds us of summer!

14. Key lime pie sugar cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime pie sugar cookies

Lemons for Lulu guides you through the process of making yet another amazing dessert combination recipe that gives you the best of two different treats, because why just enjoy one when you can have it all? Sugar cookies are the perfect texture to combine with pie flavour because each crumbly dessert will hold the delicious taste of lime the same, giving you exactly the taste you’re hoping for.

15. Key lime cheesecake pancakes

VIEW IN GALLERYKey lime cheesecake pancakes

Okay, we admit it- sometimes we just feel the need to make ourselves something utterly decadent and frivolous just for the sake of appreciating our favourite flavours in new ways. That’s why we could hardly believe our eyes when we first read about this amazingly novelty recipe from Will Cook for Smiles! They’ve combined the amazing taste of fresh key limes, the creaminess of cheesecake in the glaze you’ll drizzle on top, and classic pancakes that basically give you an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.