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No More Water Rings: Homemade Coasters for Party Season and Beyond

During the holidays, our friends call us “the hostess with the mostest” because we adore having people over for food, drinks, and bonding time. Around Christmas and New Year’s time, our house is always full of family and friends and that’s just how we like it. Even so, we also like to make sure that nothing gets damaged when we’re hosting parties and dinners, since we’ve worked very hard on our interior decor scheme, making many of the elements ourselves. That’s why we’ve been set on the idea of also making ourselves some neat holiday themed coasters for loved ones to set their drinks on when they come over!

Just in case you love the idea of making your very own holiday drink coasters as well, here are 15 of the very best and most festive designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far.

1. DIY holiday cork coasters


We’ve always loved the elegance and delicate process of doing crafting projects that involve text, writing, calligraphy, and stencilling. There’s just something so satisfying about them! You can imagine, then, how much we loved this idea from Sewbon for creating lovely cork coasters that have carefully stencilled holiday words painted across their surfaces. Simple as that!

2. Holly wrapped cork coasters


Perhaps you love the cork coaster idea because you actually already have some that you’ve been waiting to embellish but you’re just not sure that you feel like doing any stencilling today? Well, if you can get your hands on some faux holly garland then you’ll have just about everything you need to make these adorable little holly wrapped holiday coasters featured on Life at Clover Hill!

3. DIY Christmas tree coaster set


What’s better than making something that’s both decorative and fun to create? Making something that’s also interactive on top of that, of course! We’re completely in love with the way A Little Craft in Your Day created these simply cut and painted carbon board triangles that, when stacked at their slit, turn into the layers of a Christmas tree until you use the pieces to place drinks on!

4. Candy cane lollipop coasters


Just in case you’re looking for something even more decorative and adorably holiday themed than what you’ve seen so far, here’s a lovely design from Tara Dennis that’s great for winter peppermint lovers! They show you how to make red and white swirls from sparkling foam paper, as well as how to put a handle on like an actual lollipop. Their technique ensures that your coasters sit flat and solid under your glasses despite all the decorative elements!

5. Family photo Christmas greeting coasters


Just in case you’d rather put a more personalized touch on your coasters, or perhaps if you’d like to make some that you can send out with a message like a holiday favour to family and neighbours, here’s a fantastic (and simple) idea from Honey & Lime! We love the way they actually show you how to make the simple cork base as well, since that’s a technique you can use to make all kinds of other coasters too.

6. Christmas Scrabble coasters


Have you always been a huge fan of upcycling when it comes to crafting? Well, particularly if you’re a board game lover, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with these fantastic Scrabble letter coasters outlined step by step on ManMade! Use their word combinations as a base for creating yours or come up with crossing holiday word arrangements of your very own!

7. DIY stained wood coasters


Just in case you’re looking for something a little more rustic that might suit Christmas holidays spend lounging wrapped in blankets by the fire, here’s an idea from Blooming Homestead that’s a little simpler and more classic looking! Their tutorial shows you how to cut, sand, and stain your very own wooden coasters in a way that makes a wonderful gift once you’ve finished a set of them.

8. Hand painted tile Christmas coasters


Have you always enjoyed tile coasters because they’re pretty much impenetrable and they’re also very simple to clean off? Well, especially if you’re also feeling pretty confident in your hand painting skills, here’s an idea from Beneath My Heart that we think you’ll really enjoy! They show you how to paint Christmas lights and holly plants all around the bordering edge of a set of tiles to make durable holiday coasters.

9. Faux granite coasters


We know this particular idea from It’s Always Autumn doesn’t necessarily look very holiday specific at first glance, but you could easily make a traditionally holiday coloured version of this project once you have the technique down! The tutorial teaches you in detail how to create a faux granite finish on the surface of a tile coaster.

10. Christmas gingham perler bead coasters


Perler bead crafts have always been a huge hit in our house. We started making them when we were kids and now our own kids are totally in love with them! We adore the way The Real Thing made a series of Christmas themed gingham pattern coasters by arranging their perler beads in different checkered patterns to make square plastic coasters that they mounted on cork to keep from sliding around.

11. Christmas button chalkboard coasters


Just in case you’d like something you can cater a little easier to each guest you have over for the holidays, here’s a fantastic chalkboard coaster idea from Living Well, Spending Less that’s shockingly easy! They show you how to use chalkboard paint to paint over a tile coaster and then how to decorate the corners with Christmas coloured buttons. Try writing each guest’s name on theirs with chalk so they know whose drink is whose when they put them down!

12. Festive resin coasters


These simply set resin and pearled bead coasters are yet another fantastic example of a project that can easily be catered to Christmas colours and themes even though their example is a little more diverse than just the holidays. Delicious and DIY shows you how the basic idea is made and we’re sure you can imagine how cute a blue and silver or red and green version would be!

13. DIY leather and crochet coasters


Did we almost have your attention when we started talking about rustic coaster ideas because you’re very interested in the simpler styles you’ve seen so far, but you also prefer working with soft and malleable supplies to things like wood? In that case, if stitching has ever been a strong suit for you, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Make & Do Crew created coasters our of soft brown leather and carefully stitched all around the edges! You could even try doing your stitching in bright holiday shades for a more classically coloured effect.

14. Wrapping paper decoupage coasters


If we’re being honest, we’re actually a little bit obsessed with Christmas wrapping paper. There are just so many fantastic colours and designs out there that we just can’t get enough of! That’s why we’re in love with this idea from Fun Happiness & Life for creating tile or cardboard backed coasters that featured decoupaged upcycled wrapping paper in whatever colour and pattern you enjoy the most.

15. Paper doily holiday coasters


Were you intrigued by the decoupage idea but you’re just not sure that there’s a wrapping paper out there that has quite caught your attention enough to make that last idea work? Well, if you’re more of a delicate lace style person, then we have a feeling you’ll get along a little better with these fantastic paper doily coasters outlined step by step on DC2NY Confessions instead!