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Sparkling Charm: Tutorials for Irresistible Glitter Lips 

With the holiday season in full swing and the approaching New Year’s Eve, a lot of us are in the search of makeup styles that are going to make us the star of the celebrations. It’s the time of the year when we have every right to shine bright, be noticeable and sparkle with charm! A crucial part of any glam look is the lipstick. Personally, when we’re trying to make sure we’re going to be noticed, we always pick glitter! Here are some epic tutorials for irresistible glitter lips! 

1. Bright Red Glitter Lips


Red lipstick is without a doubt the most daring, sexy and compelling one. It has a bold and seductive nature, therefore it’s perfect if you’re planning to spend the longest night of the year in the company of your significant other. Sarah Steller will help you achieve this bright red glitter lip!

2. Rose Gold Glitter Lips


Rose gold dominated the trends of 2017. This color tone has taken over our accessories, clothes and especially makeup! Bring the charm and the magic of a sparkling rose gold tone to your lips by following the tutorial at Amys Makeup Box!

3. Velvet Glitter Lips 


The blue lip is one of those styles that are reserved for the most special occasions. It’s going to put you in the center of attention and the vivid blue lipstick is going to be the focal point of your whole outfit. Miss Jazmina will teach you how to make velvet blue glitter lips and create an even bigger impact!

4. EOS Glitter Lips 


Everyone loves a good makeup hack, especially when it involves your favorite lip balm. When we heard that you can turn an EOS lip balm into a shiny glitter lipstick, we had to investigate! What we found out is going to blow your mind! Spy the whole process at Sylvia Gani.

5. Pink Glitter Lips


The pink lip represents softness and romance. It appears gentle, feminine and very natural. If you want your lipstick style to embody all of those qualities, as well as carry some fun sparkle, the pink glitter lips are the right choice for you! Lip Stalker shares the how-to!

6. Rainbow Glitter Lips 


The choice of color can either make or break your makeup style. Can’t decide on a color for your lips? How about you choose all of them at once! Electra Snow proves how majestic rainbow lips can look like, especially when there’s glitter all over them! Not to mention, this makes a really fantastic Pride makeup idea!

7. Galaxy Glitter Lips 


Miss Jazmina is back with another sparkly lip tutorial! When you’re choosing a lipstick style, your choice should always reflect a certain aspect of your personality that you’re trying to embody on that particular day or event. When you want to feel mysterious and galactic, get creative with these galaxy glitter lips!

8. Gold Glitter Lips 


Gold has always been a sign of luxury and richness. It’s the color of kings and queens! You don’t need to marry a prince to become royalty – simply follow the steps by Siobhan McDonnell to create this gold glitter lip style and the world will bow at your feet!

9. Black Glitter Lips 


Gone are the days when a dark lipstick was only associated with the goth scene. Nowadays, a black lip is a sign of immense elegance and sophistication. Follow Fumi Desalu-Vold‘s lead and add some glitter to the classic black lip, to spice it up and make your lips sparkle under the light!

10. Blue Glitter Lips 


We decided to bring you another tutorial for blue glitter lips, because the style itself is so exceptional we feel mesmerized just looking at it! Blue is a cold color tone by nature, but Emily Grace used the power of a good shimmer to give this lip style an undertone of warmth!