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Unique Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

So you have found yourself in a situation where you’re invited to a baby shower, but the future parents either don’t want to disclose the gender of the child, or don’t know it yet. Or perhaps you’re just reluctant to give stereotyped gifts and want to do something different. The question at hand is: “What do I get them as a gift?!” Whatever your situation is, this roundup is here to help you. Check out these DIY unique, gender-neutral baby shower gifts that any future parent will rejoice at!

Wooden Teething Ring

VIEW IN GALLERYteething ring

Practical gifts are usually the ones that are most appreciated by future parents. You can’t possibly miss with this one! While your friends are currently still only worrying about baby clothes, formulas and reading up on breastfeeding, you are thinking one step ahead! They’ll thank you once those teeth start coming! Find tutorial at Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home.

Growth Chart

VIEW IN GALLERYgrowth chart

Babies grow so incredibly fast, it’s almost impossible for new parents to keep track of it! Help them out with this wooden growth chart that will only cost you $5 and 30 minutes of your time, according to The Pinning Mama. Talk about a good deal huh!

Neutral Blanket

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby blanket

You probably won’t be the only person who will give them a blanket, but no need to worry about that, as there can never be too many blankets. They will get thrown-up on, spilled on, coughed on … you name it. Every momma will always want to have an extra blanket at hand, so contribute to your friend’s baby blanket collection with this adorable, neutral blanket by Little House Living.

Door Sign


This gift is perfect for anyone who lives in a household with a lot of people, or maybe just loud people. The parents-to-be probably don’t even realize how much they will need this, but once the baby is born, you can expect a big thank-you fruit basket! Visit Eleven Magnolia Lane for more details!

Felt Baby Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby slippers

If you love sewing, do give this project a try! It’s very simple and looks absolutely adorable! It will keep the little nugget’s feet warm and you don’t have to choose between the obvious colors of pink and blue – choose a neutral tone instead! Tutorial at Purl Soho!

Baby Album


They really do grow up so fast! Every moment must be cherished and in the spirit of that, why not surprise your pregnant friend with a baby album! They can fill it with all of the important milestones and beautiful memories, then cry all over it once the child grows up and gets married. See tips at Becky Higgins!

Soft Blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYsoft blocks

These soft blocks found at Zaa Berry are such a simple, neutral gift that will be a great tool once the baby starts moving around and grabbing onto things with their tiny hands! Just imagine your gift being the first thing they grab or later on stack into a little tower!

Changing Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYchanging pad

Here’s what all babies have in common: they poop! And they don’t care if you’re in a grocery store with them or in a car – when they have to go, they go! That’s why this changing pad is a gift that will keep on giving, as the parents won’t have to worry about finding a changing table, they’ll just always have it at hand! See how you can make it at Life With My Littles!

Countdown Blocks


Last but not least, if you’re really worried they might already have everything they need, from diaper bags to teething rings, give them something that will add to their exciting time of expectation: a countdown. Every remaining day of pregnancy they’ll look at it and smile, knowing the time to meet their child is getting closer and closer. Find instructions at Project Nursery!

See? Not knowing the baby’s gender is no problem at all! Enjoy making the baby shower gift and please pass our sincerest congratulations to the parents-to-be!