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Baking for the Pooch: Dog Treat Recipes for Your Furry BFF

If you frequently visit the recipe section of our website, then you’re no stranger to being creative in the kitchen. If you also happen to be a dog owner, we daresay that as you’re creating delicious meals, your sweet pooch is always right under your feet – watching you cook, hoping that something delicious might fall his way. Why don’t you make some treats especially for him, since he’s such a good boy? (Or a good girl!) Check out some of our favorite dog treat recipes down below!

1. Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats 


We’re going to start with a recipe for dog treats that are totally human-friendly as well, in case you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Munchkins and the Military used the heavenly combination of peanut butter and banana to bring these delicious treats to life!

2. Doggie Breath Mints 


We love it when our dogs try to give us a sloppy smooch, but sometimes their breath takes the magic away from the adorable moment! If you want to help your furry best friend with their bad breath and give them treats at the same time, these doggie breath mints by SkinnyMs are a great choice!

3. Applesauce Dog Treats 


The best part about making homemade dog treats is that you can use the ingredients you already have in your fridge. No fancy shopping needed! Baking Mischief has a great recipe for dog treats that you can make whenever you have some leftover applesauce!

4. Carrot and Sweet Potato Dog Treats 


Like humans, dogs can have a very specific taste. Some love sweet treats, some love savory ones. If your dog adores sweet goodies and you’re trying to avoid processed store-bought treats, Proud Dog Mom has a fantastic recipe for treats with carrot and sweet potato!

5. Cheesy Dog Treats 


Does your pooch know any tricks? In order to teach him, you’re going to need some tasty treats that will really motivate him to work with you! If your dog can tolerate dairy, these cheesy treats by Golden Woofs could be just the reward he has been waiting for!

6. Banana Almond Dog Treats 


A banana is a great ingredient to use when making dog treats. The dogs absolutely love it because it’s so sweet and its thick consistency will hold together the cookies! Usually, the banana goes hand in hand with peanut butter, but if you want to be a little more posh, switch it for almond butter and visit Pretty Fluffy for the recipe!

7. Sweet Potato Dog Treats 


Sweet potato is great for dogs that have a grain intolerance. It can be really hard to find grain-free treats at the store, but it’s incredibly simple to make them in the comfort of your own kitchen! Visit The Healthy Maven for the recipe and make your dog the happiest pooch in the universe!

8. Flea Prevention Dog Treats 


Flea prevention is a very big part of owning a dog. Nobody wants a dog and a house full of fleas! Here’s a great dog-friendly way to keep the evil fleas away from your four-legged friend – the yummy flea prevention dog treats by Health Starts in the Kitchen!

9. Salmon Brownies 


This week we’ve learned from Kol’s Notes that brownies aren’t just for humans, that they don’t always have to be brown and that you can spice them up with fish! Since most dogs are absolutely obsessed with fish, they will consider these salmon brownies a very special treat!

10. Cranberry Dog Treats 


Cranberries are great for dogs and especially for their urinary tract! If you want your dog treats to also be healthy, not just tasty, The Lazy Pitbull‘s cranberry dog treats are a fantastic choice! You can contribute to your dog’s health while you’re spoiling him – what more could you wish for?

11. Watermelon Dog Treats 


If you feel bad every time you’re devouring a watermelon and your dog is staring at you with giant puppy eyes, intuitively knowing that watermelons taste like heaven, it’s time you make up for it by making some watermelon dog treats! Our favorite recipe is the one by Pet Guide!

12. Doggie Donuts 


You really shouldn’t be the only one in your household who can enjoy in the deliciousness of donuts. Your dog totally deserves his own serving of donuts, because his unconditional love deserves a sweet reward! Check out a recipe for doggie donuts at Sunny Day Family!