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8 Plants That Will Thrive No Matter What

Gardening is not everyone’s forte and that is okay. Everyone is gifted at different things in life. After all, if we were all good at the same things life would get very boring indeed! However, just because you might not be good at gardening doesn’t mean you should haven’t a garden that you can be proud of. These plants that we have unearthed will thrive in any condition giving you the confidence you need to start your own, beautiful garden.

1. Daylily


The daylily is practically indestructible and will flower off in any sunny position. They are drought and insect resistant and come in a wide range of colors. These lovely flowers are available as early, mid, and late season bloomers, giving your garden a colorful charm all year long.

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2. Buddleia


The buddleia is typically known as the butterfly bush, as it produces wave after wave of fragrant, nectar-rich flowers throughout the summer months. This plant looks amazing in a flower border or containers and can be found in white, red, purple, blue, yellow, pink, and lavender. Make sure to plant them in a space with ample sunlight.

To grow your own, check out RHS.

3. Epimedium


Epimedium is one of the best perennials for shady spots and is considered a real garden workhorse. It’s highly drought resistant, which is particularly handy for dark locations with dry soil.

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4. Hellebore


Just when you think that winter is never going to end, the delightful and vivacious flowers of hellebore burst into bloom. They are known as the Christmas rose due to their early-flowering season. They are a great fit for a dark garden where it is possible to see bursts of pink, white, rose, green, purple, yellow, spotted, or bi-colour adding colour to the dull corners.

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5. Coneflower


Coneflowers are considered one of the most widely grown and hybridised perennials in the country. It is possible to find double and triple, petal-packed varieties in addition to the single-flowering ones. Colours are available in purple, white, orange, yellow, and red. They grow best in full sun, but will tolerate some light shade.

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6. Asiatic Lily


These beautiful lilies are the hardiest of all lilies. They grow quickly from bulbs that have been planted in the autumn or early spring and develop gorgeous upward-facing flowers in a range of colours and bi-colours.

Check out J Parkers to grow your own.

7. Catmint


Catmint continually wins rave reviews from visitors throughout the spring and summer. It has rich blue flowers that stand up to heat and drought. It can be cut back once it has finished blooming by a third of its height and it will bloom again in late summer. As the name would suggest, cats also love it too.

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8. Japanese Anemone

VIEW IN GALLERYJapanese Anemone

Add some much needed colour to your garden with these lovely Japanese anemones. These delightful flowers will come into bloom in mid to late summer and stay vibrant through to early autumn. Check out Saga for more information on their growing conditions.