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11 Fun and Useful Things You Can Make With Watercolors

Watercolors have such a special look to them; the gentle tones that are blending from one into another have the power to make anything look tender and dreamy. Decorating with watercolors is ideal if you love your living space to be colorful, but prefer the palette to be subtle, rather than intense. You can check out these 11 watercolor crafts and see which ones will contribute something special to your home!

1. Watercolor Thank You Cards


In the digital era that we live in, thank you cards are almost extinct; but that’s precisely why we must try to make them more often and so add a personal and traditional touch to the gratitude we feel for people! The next time you want to thank somebody, send them a thank you card and decorate it with watercolors. Look at Melissa Esplin for guidance!

 2. Watercolor Wall Art 


Wall art is often the defining factor of the room. If you want your room to radiate pure and blended colors, soft tones with great depth, watercolors are the obvious choice. Pura Vida will show you exactly how you can DIY your very own watercolor wall art pieces, waking up your inner artist!

3. Watercolor Agate Slice 


Agate slices are all the hype; surely, due to their outstanding and captivating look. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on a real agate slice, this is the next best thing – perhaps even better, considering it is made by you! Delineate Your Dwelling has a tutorial for this watercolor agate slice that we are totally impressed by!

4. Watercolor Tags 


Organization junkies are no strangers to tagging! No matter what you need tags for, we all well know that they are not allowed to look boring! Having beautiful, creative tags always at hand is part of the organization strategy, isn’t it? Check in with Eat Drink Chic to make yourself a stack of watercolored tags!

5. Watercolor Sketchbooks


Have you ever found the perfect sketch book with the most captivating cover, but felt your heart sink looking at the price tag? We feel you. Which is why we’re sharing this incredible tutorial by Brit + Co! You can finally make your very own watercolor sketchbooks, with total freedom to make the covers exactly as you’ve always dreamed they would look and not go bankrupt in the process!

 6. Watercolor Wood Letters


Decorate your home with some wooden letters displaying your word of choice, but don’t leave them blank and plain – get your watercolors out and paint away! The whole process will wake  up your creativity and that feeling of freedom that comes when we’re immersed in arts! Send your thanks to Live Create Love!

7. Watercolor Cloth Napkins 


Bored of plain cloth napkins? Honestly, who isn’t! Add some gentle watercolor tones to them and see how they instantly change their appearance right before your eyes! What’s more, each and every one them will look completely unique! See how you can make them, at Julep.

8. Watercolor Plates 


Still within the walls of kitchen, another thing that is always plain are the plates! This craft will appeal to those of you who eat, sleep and breathe creativity and don’t leave anything to chance, wishing to bring art into everything. What a perfect chance to make these watercolor plates from Fall For DIY and turn something ordinary into a work of art!

9. Watercolor Coasters 


Even your coasters can get a watercolor makeover! You can make these charismatic coasters together with your kids, since they are super easy to make and will require free-spirited creativity, which we all know is an area at which children excel at! The Flair Exchange will share the details!  

10. Watercolor Clock 


Tick tock goes the clock and staring at a clock you don’t love the appearance of is no way to live! For a really artistic clock that will be a marvelous addition to any wall, visit Makers Society and be blown away by how watercolors can transform a clock into an outstanding, time-telling work of art!

11. Watercolor Shoes 


These boots were made for coloring! Use your white shoes as a canvas and paint them with watercolors to give them a newer, livelier look! Lovely Indeed will help you make the shoes of your dreams, ones that will carry you to all your adventures!

Once again the watercolors have proven that they can make everything look better!