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Unique DIY Uses for Velcro

When it comes to useful household items that are versatile in just about any room, it’s hard to beat the diverse functions of Velcro! Whether you use the brand name version or whatever you can find at the dollar store, having Velcro handy is a great idea in all kinds of pinches. It’s also a perfect resource for what the Internet has fondly dubbed “life hacks”.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY life hacks that are all done through the veritable magic of Velcro!

1. Velcro iPad kitchen station

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Velcro iPad kitchen station

Unless you’re looking at a vintage recipe that’s been handed down through generations, the days of printed recipes are essentially over. We find ourselves cooking almost solely from instructions that we’ve brought up on our tablet screens, but it’s always a pain have to find a clean spot on the counter for the device while you’re prepping messy food. Instead, try this kitchen hack from Velcro! They show you how to use their product to stick your tablet right to the wall, where you’ll have a clear view of it without accidentally spattering it in tomato juice.

2. Foam and Velcro flash booster

VIEW IN GALLERYBen Birchall - 07872653362

Are you in the process of saving up for a good flash booster right now but you’re willing to get crafty in the meantime just to make do? We love this simple photography hack from Tips DIY using a rectangle of foam paper and some Velcro for easy adjusting!

3. DIY travel craft sticks

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-travel-craft-sticks

Have you ever seen the packages of tiny Velcro circles with adhesive backs at the store and wondered what they’re for? Well, we’re sure you could probably find more practical examples out there, but we’re big fans of how Desert Chica stuck those circles to the ends of popsicle sticks to make a building game that wont fall apart when the car moves on long road trips!

4. DIY brushes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY brushes with velcro

There are all kinds of practical things that Velcro can be used for in a pinch if you don’t have the real thing handy, but this one is so crafty that it almost made us laugh. We’d certainly never thought of it! Global Fly Fisher shows you how to make your own brush (for yourself or a doll) out of the scratchier hooked side of Velcro by wrapping it around a thick dowel “handle”.

5. DIY Velcro baby board

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-velcro-baby-board

Do you love the idea of introducing your baby to different sensory concepts through touch and play? Velcro is a great way to do that. Not only is it interesting for baby to touch, but is also lets them practice picking things up with force when the toys of this play board stick to the Velcro. Check out how it’s made on Motherhood in the Trenches.

6. DIY Velcro chore charts

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-velcro-chore-charts

In our family, there were no regular chores. Everyone got shuffled to every task depending on the day, just to keep things interesting. If that’s how your household splits up the housework, then this Velcro chore chart is the perfect idea for you! Write the name or a symbol for each chore on a little label and stick Velcro on the back of each, then on the board in the “Do” or “Done” columns, just like Homemade Ginger did here. Move them around as things get done!

7. Non-slip hour d’oeuvres tray

VIEW IN GALLERYNon-slip hour d’oeuvres tray from velcro

Are you hosting a dinner party that you’ll be serving your guests at yourself, but you’re worried about carrying heavy trays because it’s been a decade since you last worked in the service industry? Don’t worry, there’s a way to stop things from sliding around. The answer is Velcro, and you can read more about it on- of course- Velcro!

8. Interchangable Velcro shirt pocket

VIEW IN GALLERYinterchangable-velcro-shirt-pocket

Do you love the idea of customizable fashion as much as we do? Having interchangeable details, like this shirt pocket idea from Velcro lets you get more wear out of your clothes without people calling you out for repeating outfits. All you need is some interesting fabric and a bit of Velcro!

9. Travel “busy board” for kids

VIEW IN GALLERYtravel-busy-board-for-kids

Are you looking for easy ways to keep your kids as busy as possible on your next road trip? This mini lap desk, or “busy board”, as Hello Splendid so adorably called it, is the perfect idea! Grab a cutting board and stick some Velcro down, with the partner side attached to a set of coloured markers. Give your kids some paper and they’ll be able to spend hours in the car drawing without having their markers roll away under the seat when the car hits a bump.

10. DIY Velcro catch ball

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-velcro-catch-ball

Do you remember those Velco paddle games designed to catch a  fuzzy tennis ball? We had a set like that in the 90s, in hilarious sades or neon green and hot pink! We’re not sure they sell those anymore, but it was such a good game and there’s no reason for your kids to miss out when you’re so crafty. Check out how Makes and Takes made their own version by sticking little Velcro pieces all over a plastic ball and playing catch wearing soft gloves!

11. Nesting Velcro lids puzzle

VIEW IN GALLERYnesting-velcro-lids-puzzle

Are you trying to help your baby learn about colour and size while also helping them develop their hand-eye coordination? This stacking game is the perfect way to do it! Find colour lids that stack perfectly inside each other side wise and stick Velcro on the back of each one, just like Laly Mom did here.

12. Velcro dart board

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Velcro dart board

Darts is undoubtedly a fun game, but the sharp needled ends of a classic dartboard dart is definitely not safe for kids. You can still help them learn to play the game as a way of entertaining themselves and practicing their hand-eye coordination though! Follow the steps on Lesson Plans to make a dart board out of felt and some sticky ball “darts” out of plastic balls covered in Velcro that will stick to the felt.

13. Hanging spice rack

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging spice rack

Sometimes it’s nice to have your kitchen supplies hanging right there on the wall where they’re easy to see and reach, but you’ll need to be able to take them out and put them back easily when you need to use them too! That’s why this spice rack wall is so cool! Stick a length of Velcro to the wall and then stick the opposite side to some spice jars, just like Velcro has done here!

14. Velcro remote control station

VIEW IN GALLERYvelcro-remote-control-station

Is someone in your family always misplacing the remote control so that no one can change the TV channel? Fix the problem with this ingeniously simple Velcro life hack from Diply! Stick one side of the Velcro to the coffee table and the opposing side in pieces on the backs of all your controls and ta da! you’ll always be able to find them stuck where they should be.

15. Interchangeable Velcro bow tie onesie

VIEW IN GALLERYinterchangeable-velcro-bowtie-onesie

Velcro is super useful on clothing too, especially for babies! This simple suspenders onesie is very cute, but versatility in baby clothing is key, so The Sits Girls made sure to include some interchangeable Velcro bow ties with the design too! You could make as many awesome bow ties for Baby as you please.