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14 Pretty DIY Embellished Tights Designs

When it comes to DIY fashion ideas, there are all kinds of things we love to make. Sometimes we like to make fully new garments from scraps, but other times we prefer to alter store-bought pieces that we already own. Lately, we’ve been feeling a bit experimental when it comes to embellishing plain garments so that they look much more flashy and really amplify out look. What’s our favourite piece to add a bit of sparkly to, you ask? Well, we’ve become completely obsessed with embellished tights!

Just in case you’d love to make yourself some fancy tights as well but you feel like you need a little bit of guidance when it comes to ideas and techniques, here are 15 awesome online tutorials for embellishing tights of all different kinds.

1. Hand sewn bead tights


Have you always loved the way hand beaded things look, even when the beading is sporadic or simple? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this beaded tights idea from Mai Inspiration! They show you how to use a needle, thread, and simple hand sewing techniques to attach little bead clusters of whatever shape, size, or colour you  like best. We love the idea of spattering groups of beads all over!

2. Beaded shin tights


Are you quite into the beaded tights idea but you’re not sure that a fully beaded pair with embellishments all over, from top to bottom and on front and back, are quite your style? Perhaps you’re a little more subtle with your fashion flares, even if you do still want a bit of sparkle. In that case, we think you might prefer Look Book‘s idea to add just a touch of sparkle at the shins using the same hand beaded techniques you saw above!

3. Flower applique and beaded swirl tights


Are you already quite experienced with hand sewing, beading, and embroidery and you’d like to use those skills to their full potential to really make an absolutely stunning pair of tights? In that case, we think you’ll love these suggestions from Let Her Speak for how to combine all of those things, as well as how to add pretty little appliques! We love the way they’ve trailed beads strung together with a finely embroidered line all the way down the legs, with pearly flowers in between.

4. Simple black rhinestone tights


As lovely and detailed as hand beading and embroidery look, perhaps you were originally picturing something with a little more sparkle when you started considering embellished tights for your next DIY fashion project? Alternatively, perhaps you love the embellished look but you just aren’t confident enough in your hand sewing skills yet to handle beads? In that case, give this awesome but simple glued rhinestone idea from Classy Sassy Pearl a try!

5. Lace ruffle backed tights


Has your personal style always been very girly and frilly, with lots of ruffles and lace to really give things some extra detail? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these ruffle-backed tights from Nat’s BF! Their simple tutorial guides you through the process of bunching a strip of lace and sewing it all down the back of a pair of tights so that it puckers stylishly.

6. Hand painted skeleton tights


Perhaps you’re always been more of a painter and fine arts person that a fashion and alterations expert, but you’d still like to try your hand at embellishing some tights? Well, here’s a technique that’s a little more dark and edgy, just in case bright beads and sparkles aren’t your thing! Lauren Hood Design shows you how to hand paint white shapes to look like the leg and pelvis bones of a skeleton on a black background.

7. Tiny rosette tights


Have you ever seen those tiny coloured flowers that are often nestled into collars on girls’ dress shirts or stitched into the centre of ribbons? You know the ones we mean; they’re made of small pieces of silk ribbon spiralled into rosettes and sometimes trimmed with a bit of chiffon. From Denim to Dessert shows you how adorable they look scattered all around and across a pair of tights. We like this look because you can either glue or sew them, whichever you please!

8. Silk daisy tights


Do you like the idea of attaching faux flowers to your leggings, but you’d rather a look that’s a little more kitschy rather than the delicate rosettes? In that case, you might find these cute silk daisies a fun look! Glitter Mint shows you how they used a hot glue gun to scatter the flowers all around the rights. We love that they chose such a bright colour to put on such dark tights to really establish a contrast.

9. Hand painted galaxy splatter tights


Were you a huge fan of the idea of hand painting your tights but you’re not quite sure the skeleton bones idea is really the one for you? Then maybe you’d prefer something a little more trendy even though you’d rather make it yourself than get it at the mall! We loved this straight forward tutorial from Glam Radar because it shows you how easy getting the galaxy effect that’s so hot right now really is. Besides, paint splattering is a whole lot of fun!

10. Floral summer fishnetsVIEW IN GALLERY

Are you a huge fan of the very unique and textured embellishments we’ve shown you so far, like the beads, but you’ve already got a pair of sparkling tights and now you’re looking for a cool alternative? Well, Culture n’ Lifestyle has a tutorial and idea that’s certainly worth taking a look at! They’ve shown you how to attach faux flowers through a pair of fishnets for a look that’s cheerful and spring-like but still edgy.

11. Ruffle and ribbon tights


Have you been embellishing so many tights lately that now your little ones are totally in love with the look too and want a pair of their own? Then here’s a look that’s so cute we can barely handle it! CeLEGrity shows you how to use ribbon and bunching techniques to add some adorably detail around the bottom cuff of a pair of footless tights of leggings. We love the way they added little bows too!

12. DIY paint stamped tights


Are you still thinking about how cute the painted tights we showed you are but you’re not sure the splattered look is quite for you and you’re also not feeling very confident in your hand painting skills? Then perhaps you’d rather try some painted stamping instead! Fashion Daily Headlines shows you how to make a “stamp” in the shape of your choice and then dip and stamp until your tights are customized.

13. Sewn pearl tights


Were you intrigued by the rhinestoned tights idea but you actually already have a pair that are similar, so you’d like to make yourself something that’s at least a little bit different? Then we think perhaps you should look into miniature pearl beads instead! Polish My Crown shows you just how pretty pearls an look scattered all the way down a pair of tights, whether they’re sewn or glued.

14. Tutu tights


Are you still thinking about how adorable the ruffle cuffed tights we showed you above were but you actually don’t have any ribbons to work with right now and you’d rather embellish your tights with things you already have available? In that case, we’d suggest reading for the nearest bunch of tulle instead! Dream Spun Kids shows you how to make miniature tutus around each ankle for a super fun, delicate look.