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10 DIY Snow Globes For A Magical Winter

The magic of snow globes; they capture a little world within them and allow children to daydream. There are so many different snow globes out there, each and every one of them special, but surely the most special ones are those we can make ourselves. They will not only capture a tiny world, but also our love! Here’s a roundup of 10 DIY snow globes to bring some magic into everyone’s hearts!

1. Snowflakes Snow Globe


A classic winter theme, improved by big snowflakes dangling from the mason jar lid. This project is so simple to make, it’s amazing how versatile mason jars are! Follow the step-by-step at Classy Clutter and soon you’ll have a snow globe just like this one!

2. Forest Snow Globe


In all fairytales, forests are always enchanted – full of mysteries and secrets. If you’re craving come mystic energy, these forest snow globes we found at The DIY Dreamer may just spark your interest! Watch out for the forest fairies!

3. Glittery Snow Globe


If you want the snow in your snow globe to be extra sparkly, use glitter! It looks so shiny and eye-catching, you won’t be able to look away. To make this captivating snow globe, visit Julie Ann ART!

4. Etched Snow Globe


If you like to take a spin on normal things, just to make them a bit more special, you will love this etched snow globe! It’s different, it’s original, it’s bound to impress! Don’t miss the how-to at Apartment Therapy!

5. Crystal Snow Globes


Not only do these look like they have crystals within them, they’re also made from plastic and therefore perfect for children who like to throw their toys on the floor (read: all children). Alpha Mom has done a fantastic job with these, so head over these to read the details!

6. Baby Food Jar Snow Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby food jar

Don’t throw away those baby food jars just yet! Craftaholics Anonymous will show you how to turn them into the cutest little snow globes! File them under perfect gifts for friends and family and be one step ahead of holiday season!

7. Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYwinter wonderland

Winter days may be cold, but the snow gives them a wonderland feeling! Make this lovely snow globe by Simple Craves And Olive Oil, then fix yourself some hot chocolate, sit down next to a fireplace and enjoy the true winter wonderland!

8. Wine Glass Snow Globe


Surely you can sacrifice a wine glass or two, no? These snow globes might just become a part of your yearly Christmas décor! They are chic and unique, letting us bring some childhood magic into our adulthood! You’ll find the tutorial at Family Chic!

9. Snow Globe Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYsnow globe necklace

How about a snow globe you can wear around your neck? This tiny snow globe necklace we found at Tatertots & Jello is the perfect companion for winter days! Just think of how amazingly it will pair up with your bulky sweaters!

10. Car Snow Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYcar snow globe

If there ever was an adorable snow globe that perfectly captures the pre-Christmas madness, it’s this one! Before you rush to get your own tree, see the instructions at Mason Jar Crafts and make this fun snow globe!

Have you decided which one you find the most magical yet? How about all of them?!