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Dress Up Your Phone With These Coolest DIY Phone Cases Ever!

What makes a cool phone even cooler? A unique phone case, of course! It’s what makes your phone stand out and gives away your personality or current mood. Whether you’re elegant or trendy, flamboyant or minimalistic, craft master or busy bee … this roundup has a phone case build to fit you! Check out the coolest DIY phone cases in the internet universe!

Pearl Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl phone case

Let’s start with something chic and elite! This pearl phone case will fool anyone into thinking it cost you a fortune! We’re not saying it’s a status symbol, but then again, it’s pearls we’re talking about! Sydne Style will help you turn your phone case from plastic to pearl-tastic!

Lace Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYlace phone case

If you’re rolling your eyes at the emoji phone cases and dreaming about elegance, Look What Melissa Made has a project you do not want to miss! It’s a lace phone case and as always, the lace brings so much elegance to the table! You never have to worry about finding an elegant phone case again!

Rainbow Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYrainbow phone case

This project by Living Well Spending Less is so cute and simple, anyone can give it a try! If your kids are feeling crafty they can help you make this one! The rainbow color palette makes it colorful and lively and you get to use up the buttons from your buttons jar (we all have one of those, right?).

Studded Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYstudded phone case

Don’t hide your inner rockstar anymore – let them out to play! What better way to do that than by transforming your phone case into this studded perfection! Play around with how you place the studs and remember, there’s no such thing as too much! Julie Ann ART has all the details!

Washi Tape Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYwashi tape phone case

When in doubt, use washi tape! It’s so versatile and you can always count on it to do its job! Chronicle Books has a great tutorial on how to decorate your phone case with washi tape! Pick out your favorite colors and get crafting!

Spiked Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYspiked phone case

Spiked phone cases are the new “keep out” sign. If you don’t want anyone to get handsy with your phone – or you just want your phone to look downright badass – then head over to I Spy DIY and learn how you can make this spiked phone case in almost no time!

Printable Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYbeyonce phone case

Anything that has Beyoncé written on it, we’re down with! Brit + Co has a fantastic solution to Beyoncefy your plain, transparent phone case! You can even make several of those, just to get you through the week; there’s never enough motivation, right?

Glitter Phone Cases

VIEW IN GALLERYglitter phone case

Rejoice, lovers of all things sparkly! Design Sponge will show you how to make three different, shiny and sparkly phone cases! From semi-sparkly to ultra-sparkly, your glitter needs will surely be met! As for finding glitter everywhere for the whole week … well, the phone cases will be worth it!

Nail Polish And Leather

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish and leather

Another treat comes from A Beautiful Mess who will show you how to make a simple leather phone case, as well as a colorful nail polish phone case! Both crafts are incredibly quick to make and you’re bound to have so much fun experimenting with your bright nail polishes!

Pressed Flower Case

VIEW IN GALLERYpressed flowers phone case

People like to say that phones take us away from mother nature, but it doesn’t have to be so! Let the nature have her place even in your phone case! These gorgeous pressed flower phone cases by The Merry Thought are something every nature lover must have!

Sharpie Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYsharpie phone case

If you don’t feel like using glue and just want to doodle, you’re free to use a sharpie and let your imagination run wild! You can find your inspiration at The Average Mess, who also used some nail polish as a finishing touch! See the amazing result on the picture above!