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Beautify Your Keys With These DIY Keychains

Don’t let your keys have a random, boring keychain just because they’re usually in your purse! Maybe if you had a chic keychain you wouldn’t be losing your keys so much? It’s not scientifically proven but it’s definitely a theory worth testing! Start with these DIY keychains that will beautify your keys and finally give them the visibility that they deserve!

Wooden Hearts Keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden hearts keychains

The best thing about these keychains is how easily you can make them fit your personality! Make them simple and minimalistic or go for something more colorful and bright! The possibilities are endless! As Cherished Bliss will tell you, this is such a simple project and perfect for crafting together with your kids!

Paint Stick Keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYPaint stick keychains

These keychains are a fantastic gift idea, but you’ll definitely want to keep one for yourself. People really appreciate personalized gifts, so try and put something special on each and every one of them. Play around with colors and styles, feeling the personality of the person you’ll give it to! Find the tutorial at Ruffled!

Photo Keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYPhoto keychain

Perhaps you know exactly how you want your keychain to look like, but it’s so specific you couldn’t possibly find it in a store. This is a great opportunity to make it yourself and bring that mental picture to life! Nifty Mom has a lovely tutorial on how to make a keychain from a photograph!

Heart Pillow Keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart pillow keychain

A classic and cute keychain that never goes out of style! Even though Valentine’s Day is still far away, this would be a lovely gift for your significant other! Show them how much you love them and surprise them with this heart pillow keychain either in February or right now, just because! Find the how-to at Love Maegan!

Monogram Keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYMonogram keychain

Let everybody know the keys belong to you! This keychain is very handy for bigger households; no more fights about who accidently took someone else’s keys! Thanks, I Made It shares the super simple instructions and saves your family life!

Coffee Shop Keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYCoffee Shop Keychain

Be truly fancy and get yourself one of these coffee shop keychains! Anytime you leave the house they will serve as a reminder to stop for some coffee on the way! They are absolutely essential for every coffee addict, so head over to Everyday Dishes and see how you can make them!

Air Dry Clay Keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYAir-Dry clay keychains

Clay gives you all the freedom you need to pursue your creative ideas! These air dry clay keychains are incredibly simple to make and will be a great addition to your keys! Visit Average but Inspired for inspiration and let your ideas run wild!

Anthropologie Inspired Keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYAnthropologie inspired keychain

Sometimes we fall in love with a keychain only to discover it costs a fortune! Initially, we feel like it’s a total bummer, but really it’s just an opportunity to use it as inspiration and make our very own, from scratch! Chances are, the end result will look even better than the one for sale! Check in with Crafts Unleashed and see for yourself!

Animal Keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYAnimal keychains

These adorable keychains will make animal lovers so happy! Especially if there’s an animal that really resonates with you and you want to keep it around as a little charm! Buy some animal figurines, then paint them with some vibrant colors! Ginger Snaps will show you how!

Wooden Bead Keychain


Look at these lovely beaded keychains! They are so alike, but so different at the same time! Every single one of them is unique but they all have a mutual theme. It’s a perfect choice if you need multiple keychains and want them to be special, but still a part of a whole. Check out the five simple steps to making them at Forks on the Right!

Black And White Keychains


These keychains are on another level! Their elegant, clean and professional look won’t embarrass you when your keys fall out of your purse at a business meeting. The combination of gold and silver together with black and white makes them incredibly gorgeous! Want to know how you can make them? Minimal Crafts has all the details!

Tassel Keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYTassel keychains

We saved the best for last! You didn’t really think we’re going to make a post about keychains and not include tassels, did you? They are so uplifting and a joy to carry around! Your keychains will look downright fabulous once you dress them up in these tassel keychains! If you like the sound of that, Kenarry is the place to go to!