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DIY Heating Pads for Cold Winters and Painful Aches

Heating pads are a necessity in every household. We often don’t realize what a godsend they are until we desperately need them. Whether it’s for period cramps, back pain, shoulder pain or muscles aches, heating pads are always there in your time of need. You can even make them yourself! Here are some beautiful, simple to make DIY heating pads that will keep you warm when you are cold or in pain!

Foldable Heating Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYFoldable heating pad

Let’s kick this off with a big heating pad, one that will adjust to any body part you’ll need to soothe. Despite its size, it folds conveniently when you’re not using it! The yellow fabric gives it a vibrant look that will uplift you on gray and cold days. Find out how you can make it at The Happy Housewife!

Heating Pad Sock

VIEW IN GALLERYSocks heating pad

You don’t need to make big investments to make a heating pad; chances are, you already have all of the supplies at home! You will need socks, rice, and instructions from Unsophisticook! Then you’re all set to make a heating pad or two that will not only look good but will also help with your sore muscles!

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

VIEW IN GALLERYU-heating pad

This U-shaped heating pad is perfect for your neck and shoulders. If you have a desk job and it’s affecting your posture, use this heating pad to help you feel more comfortable and not having to think about the pain. According to Satsuma, it costs only $3 to make and you’ll have it done in about 10 minutes. Talk about a great deal!

Harmonica Heating Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYharmonica heating pad

Another creative heating pad comes from Amy’s Sandblog who made this harmonica styled heating pad that looks absolutely gorgeous. The choice of fabric is truly amazing but of course, you can use your favorite fabric pattern and make it look however you want it to!

Rectangular Heating Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYrectangular heating pads

These cute rectangular heating pads have a really convenient size, so you can take them with you even when you’re traveling, for example on a long plane or car ride. Simple to make and certainly useful, they’re also a unique gift idea! Check out the tutorial at How to Build It!

Black and White Heating Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYbw heating pad

How about a super chic heating pad? Pick a black and white fabric to make your heating pad look extra stylish! It wouldn’t be bad if Chanel started manufacturing these, but until that happens you’ll just have to make your own with a little help from Alice and Lois!

Pillow Heating Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYPillow heating pad

These heating pads will easily fool anyone into thinking they are pillows! They look like decorative pillows, so you can keep them at hand in any room of the house and have them be a part of the interior! If you agree that this is a total win-win, visit Eat. Drink. Love. and learn the details!

Christmas Heating Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYchristmas heating pad

Why not make a heating pad just in time for Christmas?! It’s seasonal, will go great with your yearly Christmas sweater and it’ll keep you warm when the first snowflakes fall! Whether you make it for yourself or for someone else (to put it under the Christmas tree), it’s a perfect project for this winter! Follow the tutorial at Living Chic on the Cheap!

Colorful Heating Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful heating pads

Here’s another stunning Christmas gift idea, though we know you’ll want to keep at least one of these for yourself! These heating pads are bright and colorful and will surely bring a smile to your face in moments when you’re waiting for the pain to go away. Sew Can She shares the simple how-to!

Artsy Heating Pad


They say that artists are always in a bit of pain, but at least with this heating pad, you can help mend your physical pain while you’re writing or painting about the emotional one! It will keep you warm and cozy, so don’t hesitate to look up the instructions at More with Less Today!


We know that pain really sucks, but hang in there and give these heating pads a chance!