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Smart DIY Tricks to Organising Your Wardrobe Space

At some point or another there will come a time when you need to get smart with your wardrobe space and re-organise what you have in it to maximize the space on offer. Thankfully there are smart and simple DIY tricks that you can master, which will enable you to organize your wardrobe without too much effort on your part. SO, why wait? Let’s get started!

1. Shoe Trolley


There’s no point in simply chucking all those bundles of shoes under the stairs or in any other available space…as no one really enjoys hunting around for a pair of shoes that seem all but lost. I Always Pick the Thimble show that with the right shoe system in place it is possible to have an organised area for your wide shoe collection.

2. Hanging Pipe Clothing Rack

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging Pipe Clothing Rack

The ceiling is often the most underutilised area in the house, but now it’s possible to utilize it as storage for your coats by following this handy design from A Beautiful Mess. By simply attaching a pipe to the ceiling you can use it as a coat rack!

3. Tights Organiser

VIEW IN GALLERYTights Organiser

If you’re anything like me, you would know what it feels like to own a load of tights in various colours for a number of outfits. And if you’re anything like me you often can’t find the right tights you want because they are typically stashed at the bottom of a pile! Well, that no longer needs to be an issue as Lana Red Studio has the perfect solution by simply using pegs to keep your tights in order.

4. Scarf Display


If you have a number of scarves hanging about it’s probably a good time to start thinking about where to put them; so you know where they are whenever you need one. Pear Mama has taken a simple bath towel rail and turned it into a scarf display, making it the perfect solution for your scarf-storage needs.

5. Industrial Garment Rack

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Garment Rack

Styleoholic have come up with the perfect solution to organising your wardrobe space; particularly if space is limited where you live. All you need is some wood, metal piping, and rolling feet, enabling you to move your industrial style clothing rack to wherever you need it, at a moment’s notice.

6. Sunglasses Organiser

VIEW IN GALLERYSunglasses Organiser

Do you own a number of sunglasses or reading glasses and are forever forgetting where you put them? Then you absolutely need this sunglasses organiser from Dream a Little Bigger, which gives you the perfect place to securely store your glasses when you’re not using them.

7. Branch Clothing Rack

VIEW IN GALLERYBranch Clothing Rack

Using a branch as a clothing rack is the perfect way of bringing the great outdoors into your bedroom. This is precisely what Sugar and Cloth have done creating a beautiful branch clothing rack that pretty much anyone can craft from scratch.

8. Men’s Organiser Space

VIEW IN GALLERYMen's Organiser Space

Men need to keep their things organised too and this design from Lookie What I Did offers a smart solution. You’ll no longer be rummaging the drawers for a pair of socks or a tie to go with your outfit.