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Workout Gear for the New Year: DIY Gym Bags

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions has got to be “I’ll join the gym!” And then … we’re sleepy and lazy and we don’t have a good gym bag, so we give up. Having proper workout gear is half of the motivation, no? If you make your own gym bag you will be much more motivated to keep your workout resolutions, as you will already have put time and love into creating it! Check out these DIY gym bags and find the one that will suit your needs!

Striped Gym Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYStriped gym bag

Start the year with some trendy black-and-white stripes that never go out of style! With this bag you will feel as if your way to the gym is just a long runway! Work it! It’s spacious and even has a nice little place for your yoga mat, so what’s not to love? Brit + Co always has the best ideas!

Jacket Gym Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYJacket gym bag

If you have an old jacket that that has already served its purpose, Craftsy has a great tutorial on how to turn an old, worn-out jacket into a legit gym bag with a retro look! You will really appreciate the fact that this gym bag is as light as the jacket, which will prove useful once you fill it with your workout clothes!

Yoga Tote


If you are living the fabulous centered life of a yogi, a tote must be a part of your gym attire! The perks of having a tote include looking good and having a big amount of space to fill with yoga pants, energy drinks and raw protein bars! (And some secret candy because come on, you just did yoga, you deserve it!). Find out how you can make your own at iCandy Handmade.

Triangle Stamped Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle stamped bag

We get it; you’re young and classic gym bags freak you out. Say no more! This triangle stamped gym bag, brought to you by Burkatron, will make your hipster millennial heart skip a beat! You never have to worry about a gym bag messing up your free-spirit daily fashion again!

Safari Duffle

VIEW IN GALLERYSafari duffle

This safari duffle will suit you if you are absolutely serious about getting your body in the utmost fantastic shape and like your wardrobe to look polished, neat and professional. Hippie bags are not for you my friend, it’s all about that neat beige duffle bag! Get the how-to at Sew 4 Home!

Yoga Mat Bag


Only need a bag for a yoga mat? Lucky you! Here’s a tutorial by DIY With Love that will reveal the secrets to making this incredibly convent yoga mat bag, suitable for yogis on the go! Green smoothie in hand, yoga mat on the back, Namaste to the haters and conquer the world!

Girly Gym Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYGirly gym bag

Anyone with a love for ballet and gentle colors can enjoy this gym bag! If you are a ballerina yourself, this is a more-than-perfect fit! It is a very beautiful bag that will inspire you to never miss a practice! Don’t hesitate to visit Timeless Treasures for some how-to tips!

T-Shirt Gym Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYT-shirt gym bag

We all have at least one T-shirt that we can easily miss. This is an opportunity for you to get creative and turn that T-shirt into a gym bag that will become your best companion on your weekly (daily? Congratulations, you are a hero) trips to the gym! Gears For Brain will give you all the details you need to know!

Neon Gym Bag


Similar in style to the one we’ve just described above, but rather than a T-shirt The Sorry Girls used a vivid neon fabric that will make you visible from far away! That’s right, you’ll make all the heads turn with this one! Let everybody know that you’re taking your gym days seriously!

Zipper Gym Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYZipper gym bag

If you don’t like drawstring bags you can easily make one with a zipper! This gym bag is very light to carry around and will no-doubt become one of your favorite bags! Its tote style gives you the freedom to use it as a daily bag as well! Visit Brandi Jackson Wellness if you’re wondering how you can make it!

Bring it on 2017, we’re ready to get fit!